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  1. Hi all, Considering purchasing a 26 button Jeffries anglo if I ever come across one again. I have been told that they are not just a 30 button with the low E and A removed on left hand and right hand equivalent. Does a chart exist that explains the layout? Are they standard across these instruments? Best, Tim
  2. Sorry Jeremy thanks for your reply, instrument has been sold, outside of the realms of concertina.net. Thanks all.
  3. Hi Mary have sent you a message. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I had this for sale before but couldn't go through with it so here I am again having to be disciplined and brutal. https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/charles-jeffries-concertina-in-c-g/32157961 All the best, Tim
  5. Hi all, You may or may not remember I had a Jeffries 32 button with black bellows for sale here in early 2021. After I invested in the instrument I found I was not liking it as much as I could. It had a "drier" sound than I had imagined. I also considered that I hadn't played enough concertinas and had possibly been in a rush to get one so should have shopped around more. However at the time, there was only a couple of places to go due to lockdowns etc. I eventually took it down and decided to wait until I had played it with others a lot. While I found it cut through the sound of the session very well compared to my old Crabb, I still am not totally enamoured with it as I feel I should be. I have now compared it with a couple of other Jeffries and the buttons on mine are not as instantly responsive and sensitive or yielding. It is still a spectacular concertina but it just isn't 100% what I am looking for. However I would like to ask those with experience if this is something that comes with time. It had had some refurbishment and new bellows by the time it came to me. Will the springs loosen and the bellows unstiffen a bit with lots of play? Could it be a bad mistake to part with it? My mind is in two places: begin a journey to sell, trade or upscale it in search of a superior Jeffries or to shop around and think of other concertinas. Any input appreciated and sorry to be repeating myself to some extent. Best, Tim
  6. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-instruments/english-concertina-for-quick-sale-in-north-london-/1419381104 Hi folks, please see link above and attached pics. Open to offers from my fellow concertina enthusiasts on this site. I bought this instrument some time ago but have only made it over to London to my brother who has been minding it for me since receiving it in the post. To be honest this was a lockdown purchase and am going home to Ireland on Sunday morning and have decided I am better off focusing on the anglo. However it has a really good sound and is a robust instrument and the case is beautiful. If I could sell it before then, that would be great, and if not, my brother can facilitate the sale in the Camden Town area to anyone who might be keen.
  7. Hi again all, sorry to bump this topic but here are a few pictures of the inside of this crabb
  8. Hi, would you have any videos or sound files of the Hohner, and would you ship to Ireland? If not, I have someone in the UK who can accept it. Thanks. Tim
  9. Daniel, I will open it up today and get back to you. Thanks for the response.
  10. Jimmy, thanks so much. And Alex too for your valuable information. I am in Ireland unfortunately but when things open up again, I may give you a bell. Tim
  11. Hi all, I have two vintage concertinas which would initially have had gold tooling on the right and left of the bellows. They have new black bellows and they do have the papers stuck on the inside of the bellows but no lovely tooling. Is this something that can be done retroactively, or can fresh leather be substituted on top? I have been warned that seeing doubled-over leather on a concertina bellows can suggest a lack of quality or damage over time, but I would see it as different if I got it done to one I already own and play. All the best, Tim
  12. Thanks ever so much Bill, much appreciated. So that would bring it closer to the value of most Crabbs you see? (€4-5000 in Ireland anyway)
  13. Hi all, The owner of this instrument has kindly offered to sell it to me. He asked me to say what I thought a fair price was so I want to harvest some research. It is not the usual Crabb you see. I haven't seen the pattern on the metal ends before, but I could be wrong. The owner suggested that it may be a different model which was repaired by Crabb or through his shop in some way, hence the stamp. Anglo, C/G Bellows - according to owner, bellows are not best quality, but they play fine to me, I like the action. No drone Made in 1950's according to owner, who bought it from Crabb (the younger?) in the shop in Islington in the 1970's. Attached is an image of it next to a Jeffries and Lachenal. It is slightly chunkier than both, and the heaviest out of the 3. Any and all information and a suggested value appreciated. Tim
  14. Hi, I was directed to here by the fine folk of thesession.org. I’m selling my Jeffries concertina to a good owner. Yes, like selling a whippet or an old cat!C/G metal sides metal buttons surrounded by red felt, with a C Drone, new bellows in black. Tooling on the bellows but not on the sides like you are used to seeing with Jeffries, so somewhat more sleek or understated if you like that. It came through Chris Algar at Barleycorn concertinas last year and I bought it in McNeela’s in Dublin. It is from the 1890-1910 period, which is apparently when the best Jeffries were made.I got it several months ago and after playing it alongside my old Crabb, I simply prefer the character and slightly heavier feel of the Crabb concertina I had been playing for years. As such I can’t be hanging on to an instrument like this if it’s not going to be used. It’s got a very fine sharp sound characteristic of the maker. It’s also highly responsive. If you want it to play loudly, it will. And vice versa. It’s a milimetre or two smaller around the edges than your average concertina, which I absolutely love.If I was not using it, it was out on my table and I was gawping at its beauty or looking at the little C. Jeffries Maker sign between the buttons, or else, more often, it was safely in its box.A buyer in Ireland would be best as I don’t know anything (yet) about import charges, but import charges would be on the buyer if this is the case. I am in Co. Kildare. I would be interested in partial swap for a Frank Edgely professional CG or BfF concertina. Send an email to timdaly1990@gmail.com for more information. I have photos and videos of it in action.All the best,Tim
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