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Pass the Parcel - Joseph Astley etc

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I recently bought a 20b Jones Anglo that came in a softwood box, within this cardboard box.

Peeling back the labels, it appears that Miss Ireland in Clitheroe had received the Jones from Barker Son & Heins, who received a concertina from the 'Concertina Depot' which I suspect was a trade name for Joseph Astley, who had taken delivery of a concertina from Wheatstone!




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Hmmm, what an interesting cardboard box!


I've quite an interest in Joseph Astley, as you might guess from the paper that I wrote about him for PICA (Joseph Astley, Oldham Concertina Band and the MHJ Shield), but I never heard of him being a Wheatstone dealer. Maybe that came about when the Lachenal firm closed down in 1933 and got merged with Wheatstone's?


Certainly the Ireland family were living at 36, Eshton Terrace at the time the 1939 Register was compiled, so "Miss Ireland" would appear to have been Lizzie C. Ireland, born 1897.

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Yes, it was your excellent PICA article that 'peeked' my interest! Well done tracking down Lizzie Ireland.

Do you have any idea what this 'Concertina Depot' is in the top right label (NB the 'Wheatsone' print is appearing from the label below)?

Between the inner and outer bases the box there were scrunched up pages of a Daily Telegraph supplement on the Anglo-Argentine exhibition dated February 1931. I suppose all that we can say is the to and fro mailing started after 1931. 


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Interesting thread - and thanks for posting.

I'm custodian of 2 concertinas that once played in Astley's band, the Oldham Concertina Band -  a Wheatstone bass and a Lachenal New Model 56 key baritone.

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