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How to play a Freudian-Slip Jig

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How to play a Freudian Slip Jig  (R J Stewart)


Last night I heard the keenest

Anglo German concertinist

In an Irish session in an English bar;

Then, to play a minuet,

He took out a large Duet

The biggest one I’d ever seen by far


Then an Aussi, up from Bondi,

Said “Let’s all play some Regondi…! ”

And we put our squeezers down in dark despair,

Until a Scotsman, named Jock Cameron,

Played every darn Hexameron

On his teeny weeny Wheatstone,

With great flair.


I have a tenor-treble Boyd

That once was owned by Sigmund Freud,

His bellows-envy theories are the best,

Yes, he really was no slouch

At playing hornpipes to the couch

If the patient fell asleep or tried to rest.



So don’t forget to flex those bellows

Lovely ladies and stout fellows

Let us praise our concertinas to the skies

Don’t pause to take a breath

Or be deterred by death,

Keep on playing……


Umm…er…dammit, lost the fingering again…

Can we rewind?   RJ

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