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I am selling the following Jeffries Anglos:

31-key in C/G

26-key in C/G

26-key in G/D

50-key in Bb/F

Descriptions from the recent appraisals are attached.

All are by C. Jeffries, Maker (i.e., none of the later Jeffries Bros or Jeffries, Aldershot Road)

You may have heard criticisms of 26-key instruments, but I really like 26-key Jeffries concertinas, specifically for playing Irish tunes.

I have sold three 26-key Jeffries to other playerss, who have played them for a long time and who are very happy with them.


Compared with the 30-key instrument in C/G, the two missing buttuns in the right side of the accidental row of the 26-key in C/G--I never use them and could never miss them.

The last two buttons on the left side of the accidental row of the 30 key in C/G (5th button of F/E and fourth button of A/Bb)--I only very rarely would use the A note on the fourth button but when playing the  26 key, can substitute the A note on the fifth button on the bottom row of the left side.


About the 26-key G/D--the only G/D one that I sold  has a long-time happy owner. A substantial number of 26-key concertinas were made by the various major makers. They would not have omited the two keys on each side, if they had thought the keys were of vital importance. If you only have one Anglo and want to play in Irish sessions, obviously a C/G instrument is needed. But if you want a G/D instrument as a second instrument or have other genre of music in mind, I can highly recommend your considering a 26-key. Even though only 8 reeds and reed shoes are absent, the 26-key has a liighter feel that I like a lot.


About the 50-key Bb/F--so you want to play a lot of chords raher than Irish melodies. Then consider  the Bb/F, which is the "daddy of all chording Anglos." 


About the 31-key in C/G ( 31st key is a left side C/C drone key. This is a classic best-period C. Jeffires concertina. But be prepared to pay twice as much as the prices of the 26-keys and 50-key.

I will make an individual posting of photos for each of these instruments. If interested in a purchase, please send me a personal message, after you have reviewed my subsequent postings.

Description 31 Key Jeffries      2.JPG

Description 26 key Jeffrries in C and G   2.JPG

Description 26 key in G and D   2.JPG

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Here are the sale prices of these Jeffries concertinas:

26-key in G/D: $3600

26-key in C/G: $4300

31-key in C/G: $8000

50-key in Bb/F: $3500

Buyer also pays the shipping and shipping insurance. Domestic shipment is by US Postal Registered Mail.

Please send me a message if yo are interested.

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