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Seattle-Vancouver Visit: Suggestions?

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Hi folks. My turn to ask for suggestions of things to do during an all-too-short visit to Seattle and environs, including a short trip to Vancouver.


I'll be arriving at Sea-Tac December 4 and leaving December 11. Looks like Vancouver, BC the 6th or 7th (maybe overnight). I plan to join the NW Seaport Shanty Sing on the 8th. Other things to do, but not (yet) at specific times. I'll be staying variously with a sister in Anacortes and a friend in Ballard.


Sessions or just meeting up would be great, and I might even consider something that doesn't involve concertinas. :)


Thanks in advance.


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Well, I've been back for a week. I had a great time!


  • Gregg Dietzman contacted me privately, and we met on his boat for some shared squeezing on anglo and English.
  • The day I arrived I joined an Irish session at Murphy's Pub (highly recommended), where I met a fine anglo (and flute) player.
  • While visiting my sister in Anacortes I joined an Irish session at the local pizza parlor. (I was the only "squeezer", but the music was good.)
  • In Vancouver I got together with a couple of friends, one who plays the anglo and one who plays the Maccann, and I joined a session at the Maccann player's shop.
  • At the NW Seaport Chantey Sing I did an actual shanty -- so a capella, no concertina, -- but the concertina did join other instruments at the party afterward.


Very busy, almost frantic (I will not detail the various travel delays :ph34r: ), but great! And of course, the music was a great part of that. My thanks to everyone I met, and regrets that I didn't manage to meet more of you.

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