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Fs Wheatstone C/g Anglo 40Button 1969 Model 6A

JD Leedham

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I'm selling my Wheatstone 40b C/G Anglo Concertina model 6A made in 1969


$2000 or first reasonable offer.


All original Steel reeds in aluminum blocks slot fitted into the reedpan. Wheatstone saddle action levers. Valves and pads replaced 2 years ago. Original bellows are air tight. A really lovely instrument.


Kept and played in a climate-controlled, non-smoking environment. Comes with its hard case.


Selling due to health issues.


That's the aforementioned Wheatsonte C/G Concertina with its case for $2000 or first reasonable offer plus shipping anywhere in the CONUS. Payment via PayPal, will take cash if local pickup. Will ship with tracking and insurance immediately up receipt of payment.


I can be contacted here or more immediately at jdleedham@gmail.com


Upon payment a donation will be made to Concertina.net

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