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Partially Restored Lachenal Edeophone Extended Treble For Sale


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Last year, I bought an extended treble Lachenal Edeophone, serial no. 58512, online from a seller in Nice, France, who had inherited it from a relative. I took a gamble as he could provide no information but was presently surprised when I received it as there was no visible major damage apart from that caused by decades in storage. The thumbstraps had disintegrated, the valves were shot and the pads had completely dried out. There were no cracks in the casework though and the 6-fold bellows, although the dye has worn through, are tight.


I have done the repairs I'm comfortable with: stripping and French-polishing the woodwork and replacing all the valves (the very highest notes on this 56-key extended treble didn't have any valves and so I left them that way). New thumb straps have been made by Mark Adey using the original metal fittings. The pads are extremely dried out and do not close properly so not all notes sound but the good news is that it is in modern concert pitch according to my electronic tuner.


I have no doubt that this will make a very fine instrument when fully restored but I am selling this as a partly restored cocnertina because I don't have the skillspost-10478-0-62859400-1495380236_thumb.jpgpost-10478-0-30715200-1495380313_thumb.jpgpost-10478-0-67126200-1495380339_thumb.jpgpost-10478-0-93857700-1495380413_thumb.jpgpost-10478-0-60674500-1495380519_thumb.jpg to do the cleaning and fine tuning of the reeds that are required. Many of the steel reeds have spots of rust on them and the brass reed shoes have some gunge/oxidation on them too. I have many photos showing the internals and externals. I purchased the pads, sampers and other supplies required to replace the pads but have decided that it would be better to let the person who cleans and tunes the reeds to do this as well, but these supplies are included in the sale. I think there are enough to do the whole instrument but I'm not 100% sure. It also has the original leather case which is in pretty condition, although the leather is dry and scuffed and one of the handle attachments has snapped.


Anyway, I'm selling it for €800 which includes fully insured shipping (double-boxed) anywhere in Europe. I'm not in a rush to sell and if there's no interest, I will have the work done professionally myself but will then be selling it at a higher price, of course. I'm happy to sell on 48-hour approval subject to the buyer paying all shipping and getting the instrument back to me in the same condition.


Please PM me if you're interested and I can send you around 40 photos showing all aspects of the instrument. I've sold quite a few concertinas through Cnet with no problems and will again make the customary contribution if it sells through this site.

Thanks for reading.




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