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Any Southern California Anglo Concertina Players That Want To Teach A


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Hello Everyone,

I am just starting out to learn to play the Anglo-Concertina after researching and deciding what type of concertina I want to play based on the type of music I want to play and from what I have experienced. I love the sound of an Anglo-Concertina and would like to learn to play Sea Shanties, Civil War music, Irish Music, and other period/folk music from the 1800s on up, etc. I am planning on buying a new Wren 2 Anglo-German Concertina from McNeela Instruments in Dublin, Ireland at http://www.mcneelamusic.com/the-wren-anglo-concertina-2/?I was also wondering if anyone has any previous experience with this instrument from McNeela Music?

I currently live in Barstow, CA, but I travel to other parts of southern California a lot for living history reenactments and will travel and pay for lessons by an instructor or another Anglo concertina player. I am also looking for Anglo concertina players in Southern California that I can meet up with and learn from and play with as well. I do have a friend in Orange County, that is an experienced 30 year Anglo Concertina player, that turned me onto the Anglo concertina as well as from the historical research or history of concertinas. Any suggestions on how to independently learn to play the Anglo concertina?

I also run a US Navy & Marine Civil War living history group as well as do other naval, army, and civilian impressions from 1776 to 1945, with my main focus on early California history 1830's to 1870's, the American Civil War 1861- to 1865 and the British Royal Navy from 1770 to 1866. I have found documentation of Anglo-Concertinas as early as 1840 in California, more so with the Mormon pioneers and during the California Gold Rush Days of 1849.

I look forward to everyone's feedback. The best way to contact me is either through Concertina.net or at ivanworkman@gmail.com or skype at Ivan Workman. Thanks.

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Dear CrazyIvan,


In general is it not necessary to cross post the same note on two different forums here - we do have to pay for the server space. The lack of replies is probably not due to folks checking one subforum and not the other; someone who can help just hasn't checked in yet. I will hide your older thread in the General Forum unless you'd rather have all this over there (let me know if so, I'd suggest T and L is better).


While So. Calif. (my original home) has more players than where I live now, you are very spread out. You could check out the Irish session in Long Beach on Sundays - Mr. Eskin often attends, and so do I when I'm home visiting family.


There was a group also in Long Beach years ago that got together to play, but the organizer is no longer with us. Some of the others who were part of that may chime in here. LB is quite a hike from Barstow, but many of us outside of the U.K. and Ireland have been through this, being the only player for miles/km around and having to travel and/or do festivals for company. If you ever get to the eastern U.S. the density of players is slightly higher here, and lots of festivals.



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Hi Ken,


First off, sorry about the double posting. I'll remember that for the next time I make a new posting. Good information to know. Thanks.


I do get down to Long Beach, CA, on occasion. I'll have to go to the Irish Concertina sessions. How do I find out about attending? Do I contact Mr. Eskin directly on this forum?


Also, any suggestions for online learning or learning from someone through skype, etc. How well has that worked? Virtual Concertina Instructors? Any suggestions for someone learning on their own? I am a total newbie here, so any information and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Ivan Workman

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Check here.

Even if you are in to other kinds of music, meeting others who play can help. You can write to member 'eskin' here to check if he is coming on a particular Sunday.


Welcome to the madness,


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