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    Living History Reenactments: Mexican-American War & Civil War Navy Living Historian and group leader. New to concertinas and I am researching on buying a new Anglo-German concertina and learning to play it.
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  1. Hi Ken, First off, sorry about the double posting. I'll remember that for the next time I make a new posting. Good information to know. Thanks. I do get down to Long Beach, CA, on occasion. I'll have to go to the Irish Concertina sessions. How do I find out about attending? Do I contact Mr. Eskin directly on this forum? Also, any suggestions for online learning or learning from someone through skype, etc. How well has that worked? Virtual Concertina Instructors? Any suggestions for someone learning on their own? I am a total newbie here, so any information and advice would be great
  2. Hello Everyone, I am just starting out to learn to play the Anglo-Concertina after researching and deciding what type of concertina I want to play based on the type of music I want to play and from what I have experienced. I love the sound of an Anglo-Concertina and would like to learn to play Sea Shanties, Civil War music, Irish Music, and other period/folk music from the 1800s on up, etc. I am planning on buying a new Wren 2 Anglo-German Concertina from McNeela Instruments in Dublin, Ireland at http://www.mcneelamusic.com/the-wren-anglo-concertina-2/?I was also wondering if anyone ha
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