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Steve Wilson

Midi Would Be A Game Changer

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I would love to have a MIDI concertina to play at night, plus I bet it would be great if you played live on stage, though I would prefer the real thing.


For education, I remember my brother studying trombone and the students rented the instruments from the school. I wonder how much a saxophone or clarinet costs to the school? I bet its more than a $100 each.


MIDI Concertina


I am planning my own 57 key MIDI concertina modeled cosmetically after the Crane box I was offered a few weeks ago. I plan to use an Arduino to control the switch inputs but I haven't worked out which Arduino to use, more digital inputs makes it easier but I may try to multiplex the inputs. I have a MIDI chip which also plays MP3, I still haven't fired it up yet as this is a completely back-burner project.


I may build a mock up bellows out of cardboard and tape just to have a bellows-like interface between the left and right sides, though I like that "gadget" described and the hinge. It may only last a few weeks, but it would be practice for the real thing.


For the buttons I have been designing an optical switch which uses IR light instead of a physical contact, this will last longer and I believe be more reliable than a physical switch, plus you can then adjust it to get the throw and feel you want.


For a valve I think an electrically activated valve could work, maybe using NiTinol springs or other small solenoid/motor to open/close the valve to simulate air flow when a button is pushed. I think only one valve would be needed on each side.


But don't hold your breath, if I make it I'll post it, but I have a whole new vintage box to play with so a MIDI box is pure luxury.





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