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Book On Matusewitch Family

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Hello folks. Although I've been a member of concertina.net for sometime, this is probably my first posting. I'd like to inform the concertina community that I have been working assiduously for the past three months on my family history, tentatively titled "Bellows: The Matusewitch Family Story." A good chunk of the book will be devoted, of course, to my musical relatives: grandfather Gregory, father Boris, and uncle Sergei (accordion and concertina). I expect to have a draft ready by the end of this year. I would genuinely welcome suggestions about possible publishers for this book. Thanks and squeeze away! Eric Matusewitch

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You might ask advice of Allan Atlas, a musicologist at CUNY who plays and has written about the English concertina. He hasn't posted here in about 5 years, but appears to be still active as an academician. See: http://www.gc.cuny.edu/Page-Elements/Academics-Research-Centers-Initiatives/Doctoral-Programs/Music-%28Ph-D-D-M-A-%29/Faculty-Bios/Allan-W--Atlas.


Edited to add: I see now that Allan was a student of Boris's and dedicated his book on the English concertina to him, so I imagine you are well aware of him.
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