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  1. Hi, folks. This is Eric Matusewitch, Boris' son. While my father did not do major concertina repairs, he was quite handy at more minor repairs, such as fixing loose mole skins on the reeds. He had to be handy, because years earlier--when he toured the US with dance partner Rod Strong--he found himself in small towns with no bellows repair shops. Although I never learned to do minor repairs, I often watched my father repair his and his students' instruments. Hope you find this helpful.
  2. Thank you very much for that suggestion. I will follow-up on it.
  3. Hello folks. Although I've been a member of concertina.net for sometime, this is probably my first posting. I'd like to inform the concertina community that I have been working assiduously for the past three months on my family history, tentatively titled "Bellows: The Matusewitch Family Story." A good chunk of the book will be devoted, of course, to my musical relatives: grandfather Gregory, father Boris, and uncle Sergei (accordion and concertina). I expect to have a draft ready by the end of this year. I would genuinely welcome suggestions about possible publishers for this book. Thanks and squeeze away! Eric Matusewitch
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