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Perry Werner

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I am seeking a nice, reasonably priced (within the current market is fine), very nice to beautiful condition, probably vintage and most probably a Wheatstone, tenor-treble concertina.


I have available to the lucky one who might point me in the direction of a final purchase, a miserable copy of Alfred (Alf) Edwards' "Wheatstone's Instructions for The English Concertina" which was published by Wheatstone in 1960.


This excellent and classic method book is quite difficult to find.

Sadly the condition is not great but it is perfectly usable and readable.

The soiled and partially torn covers have fallen off the book but are present. The interior and exterior of the book have some pencilled notes, but the book is all there.


Generally I would try to sell this book but in this condition I would not want to offer it for a monetary price.


Also, since I already have a copy, I would be happy to put this in the hands (or on the music stand) of the lucky informant.


Also, I thought about offering it free to the first inquiry, but I would not want thousands of you to be disappointed by not being the first on your block to respond, so I've decided to make it available in exchange for information.


Anyway, I am seriously looking for an instrument so any assistance in locating one would be very much appreciated whether the book is necessary or not.


Again, the book will be awarded to the person who points me in the direction of an instrument WHICH I PURCHASE.


Oh yes, one more thing (or several). I am always checking the usual sources (The Button Box and Concertina Connection). I would prefer to buy from a reputable source like them but do not see anything of interest right now being offered. Also, I would love to go visit Chris Algar to see what he has, but that's not going to happen right now, so I guess I'm hoping someone knows someone who has an instrument or maybe someone here has one stashed away that they wish to part with.


I'm guessing I'm going to have to wait until the usual sources offer something, and i don't mind waiting but I figured it does not hurt to put the word out and at the same time put this treasure in someone's little hands in hopes of putting one in mine.


If this all sounds too contrived let me know.

Also, additional suggestions are welcome.


Please email me at


(or you can call at 201/967-7306)

if you are interested in participating.


Perry Werner

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Perry, don't hesitate to give Chris Algar a phone call. He is very easy to deal with. I've bought 2 concertinas from him, sight unseen, and was very pleased both times. He will sell to you with a negotiated approval period, and he *used to* agree to applying the full purchase price when trading up to another instrument. He probably still does. Get his phone number off his website. Don't forget about the time change, I've had best results getting him about 5:00PM England time.

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