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Concertina Anglo

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A lot depends on what you are looking for. What key: C/g or maybe G/D? You mention this is for your 12 year old daughter. So are you looking for something less expensive for a child? or something extraordinary? or maybe something to fit small hands? Also, you mention metal ends, how strong is that preference? (I'm actually curious, because I prefer wood ends myself.)


That said, I have nothing to sell. But these guys might, although most not local to London:


- Theo Gibb - The Box Place - I've had no dealings with him, but great guy on these forums, and well regarded. http://www.theboxplace.co.uk/purchase/concertina/cat_13.html


- Chris Algar - Barleycorn Concertina, also well regarded - I've bought a Lachenal from him. Doesn't list stock on his website, but you can contact him. http://www.concertina.co.uk/Anglo-Concertinas.htm Also frequently lists on ebay, seller name cocoa111


- The Music Room, Cleckheaton - great shop, good variety of melodeons and also carries Marcus and Morse concertinas in addition to vintage ones -http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/index.php/cPath/244_250_253


- Hobgoblin - multiple locations, I know the Manchester store. Also sells on ebay sometimes.




Edit: If the links don't lead you to something, then you might try posting in the Buy & Sell forum instead of general. Be as specific as you possibly can about what you are looking for; you'll likely get more attention than a general plea for just some anglo concertina. Good Luck!

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