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55-Key Lachenal Maccann Duet For Sale-Wooden Ends

Nick Hart

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I'm selling my 55-key MacCann as I was using it as a second instrument to my 67 key Wheatstone but have now bought a 57 key and I can't quite justify having 3.


It was bought from Chirs Algar in 2011. In great cosmetic condition, hardly any cracking to the veneer. One area where the veneer has lifted off and been glued back down but hardly noticeable (see picture). Really clean inside and out. Think the bellows are original, still plenty of life left in them.


It's in modern pitch and pretty well in tune, bellows could be a little tighter if I'm being picky. The reeds are good, really bright and pretty loud. Some corrosion on the reeds, no more than on any of my other concertinas though I don't think.


Wooden ends with ebony veneer (I think), metal buttons. Goes down to a C on the left hand and a G on the right.


I'd like £750 for it. I'm more than happy for people to come and try it out, I'm in North-East London. I would prefer local pickup but I'm happy to send it at the buyers expense.


Here are some sound samples











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