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    I play a 67 key Chidley (uniform McCann) Aeola.
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  1. Hi, I'm selling this Wheatstone 67 key MacCann duet Aeola. Serial number 30184, finished 9th July 1924. It's In extraordinary physical condition, original bellows with almost no signs of wear. It's still (mostly) in old pitch so will need a complete retune. I started retuning it when I got it about 4 years ago, but never found the time to finish the job, so will still be a fair amount of work to bring it all up to A440. It's got 4 1/2 octave range, starting on a low G in the left hand up to the C 2 1/2 octaves above, starting on a C in the right hand, up to the C 3 octaves above. I'm looking for offers around the £2000 mark. A full retune will probably be in the order of £300. Available to view in Bristol, and I'm in London fairly often so could possibly arrange viewing there. Donation will be made to this site if sold here of course. Thanks Nick
  2. I'm selling my 55-key MacCann as I was using it as a second instrument to my 67 key Wheatstone but have now bought a 57 key and I can't quite justify having 3. It was bought from Chirs Algar in 2011. In great cosmetic condition, hardly any cracking to the veneer. One area where the veneer has lifted off and been glued back down but hardly noticeable (see picture). Really clean inside and out. Think the bellows are original, still plenty of life left in them. It's in modern pitch and pretty well in tune, bellows could be a little tighter if I'm being picky. The reeds are good, really bright and pretty loud. Some corrosion on the reeds, no more than on any of my other concertinas though I don't think. Wooden ends with ebony veneer (I think), metal buttons. Goes down to a C on the left hand and a G on the right. I'd like £750 for it. I'm more than happy for people to come and try it out, I'm in North-East London. I would prefer local pickup but I'm happy to send it at the buyers expense. Here are some sound samples Cheers Nick
  3. Thanks Nick - I'm about to go out to look at a 57 key but might get back to you later. Yes, I'm the senior Davenport, have we met? cheers, Paul I think we may have been in a couple of sessions together, I'm a mate of Gav's that's why I recognised your username. Good luck with the 57 key, and let me know if you want any more info on my one. Nick
  4. I've got a 55 key Lachenal that i could be tempted to part with. It's a real beauty, wooden ends but very bright and chirpy. I now play a 67 Chidley system (uniform maccann) and it's a bit of a faff switching between the two (slightly different) systems, so it's probably time to let it go. The bottom note on the right hand side is a G I'm afraid, but you can always play over both sides (if it's good enough for the anglo players...). I'll put up some photos tomorrow. Could even try and post a sound sample if that helps. Are you by any chance a Davenport? Nick
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