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Dipper C/g Cotswold For Sale


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Since I have a wonderful C/G Jeffries that is occupying most of my playing time and I have a hankering for a G/D anglo, I have decided to part with my C/G Dipper. This instrument was ordered new by me from Colin Dipper -- through the Button Box -- and delivered in 2001. It is internally labeled as a Cotswold model, serial number 406, although it is only slightly larger than the Clare model. This concertina measures 5-7/8' across the flats. Colin made this to fit my large paws. Mostly this means that the handbar is longer than normal.


I'm asking $7,500 plus the actual cost of shipping and insurance. To avoid hassles with Customs and the like, this sale is only available to US customers in the lower 48 states. I prefer cash or official bank check. I can also take Paypal, but the buyer will have to cover the Paypal charges. If you are interested and have any questions, you can reach me at 828 sp 894 sp 5504 or e-mail to rpsqueezer (AT) gmail.com.


I meant to add that if it is not already sold by then, I will be taking it to the SE Tionol in Orlando this weekend where it can be seen and given a test drive.


Ross Schlabach



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I have worked on this one (lightened the action, bushings and a brush up tuning). It is a wonderful instrument and exemplary of Rosalie and Colin's fine work. Ross has played this instrument often the past 12 years but he's been very careful. It is in great condition.



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