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D'Almaine labelled concertina

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The following concertina is being offered by Bonhams auctioneers in a forthcoming sale. My initial thought on reading the description was that this was a dealers label applied to a Lachenal or Wheatstone - however the catalogue photo (see link below - my efforts at copying and pasting the image were unsuccessful) does not show the run of the mill such instruments. Does anyone recognise these ends?


Perhaps it is by one of the smaller makers? The serial number quoted of 215 might support this. D'Almaine do crop us as sellers of their own/badged harmoniums and a host of woodwind instruments.




Catalogue description is as follows:

[Lot] 160Y

Ceramics, Glass, Pictures and Works of Art

An English forty eight button concertina

With hexagonal, fretted mahogany endplates, ivory buttons, with the accidentals stained black and the C's stained red, with four-fold leather bellows with decorative papers, with label 'D'Almaine & Co, Manufacturers, 20, Soho Square, London', and with serial number 215 to the opposing end, 16cms diameter, in a lined, hexagonal mahogany case, together with auction catalogue where concertina was purchased in 1978 (2).


£200 - 300

US$ 310 - 470

€260 - 380

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