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Hohner D40, 20 button G/C with bag for sale bargain

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Hello all,


This is Tom from Baltimore, Maryland USA. I've been handed a brand new Hohner D40 in pristine condition to sell for my friend Jeff. Our brief story goes like this... Jeff plays the flute and whistle in my band. He wanted to experiment with his musical diversity but has given up after three months of trying to learn the Anglo...I didn't even know he was trying this. I own and play three Wheatstone English trebles but can't help him at all except to pass one onto you or else launch it on Ebay. He purchased this from the House of Musical Traditions near Washington DC (link below) and paid over $200 for it. Other local stores and Ebay want $175 and up plus shipping.


I'd like to see him get $150 if I can or reasonable offers near this. I can send you real pictures of it when I get a chance but for now you can look at the links for pictures. My email is rittertj@comcast.net. I'll be checking in here as well for questions.





Here's the standard descrition and links for an idea of what it looks like:


•Diatonic scale with 20 buttons and 40 reeds

•Style: Anglo-German Diatonic

•Italian design

•Mahogany finish

•Key of G and C

•9 Bellows folds

•Weight: 3 lbs

•Included padded gig bag





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