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  1. Hi Mike, May I have a look at a couple photos? You can publish links to the photos here or attach and send to my email: rittertj@comcast.net thanks
  2. By far, the best type of case for a concertina that I've found is to buy and upper-end camera bag. They are fully padded and have hand and shoulder straps and an inch or more of foam padding around all sides. My Aeola when flying to the pavement once from 5'ft up out of my hands. It rolled harmlessly to a stop with out damage or a sound. Try that with a wooden or leather original case.
  3. Here's my elaborated version of Cherokee Shuffle, and with chords X:1 T:Cherokee Shuffle L:1/8 M:4/4 Q:1/4=200 K:D |:A,2B,2C2|"D"D2DF EDB,A,|"D"DEDB, A,2A,B,|"D"DCDE FDFA|"Bm"BABd B2A2| "G"BABc dedB|"D"ABAG FED2|"D"FEDE F2A2|"Bm"BABd B2B2|"A7"AFGE FDEC| "D"D2 ? |:d2c2=c2|"G"BABc dedB|"D"ABAG FE D2|"G"BABc dcde|"Bm"fefa fedc| "G"BABc dedB|"D"ABAG FE D2 |"D"DCDE F2A2 |"Bm"BABd B2B2|"A7"AFGE FDEC| "D"D2 ?
  4. This one has just went to Tragus. I'll make a donation to Cnet.
  5. Hello all, This is Tom from Baltimore, Maryland USA. I've been handed a brand new Hohner D40 in pristine condition to sell for my friend Jeff. Our brief story goes like this... Jeff plays the flute and whistle in my band. He wanted to experiment with his musical diversity but has given up after three months of trying to learn the Anglo...I didn't even know he was trying this. I own and play three Wheatstone English trebles but can't help him at all except to pass one onto you or else launch it on Ebay. He purchased this from the House of Musical Traditions near Washington DC (link below) and paid over $200 for it. Other local stores and Ebay want $175 and up plus shipping. I'd like to see him get $150 if I can or reasonable offers near this. I can send you real pictures of it when I get a chance but for now you can look at the links for pictures. My email is rittertj@comcast.net. I'll be checking in here as well for questions. Thanks Tom Here's the standard descrition and links for an idea of what it looks like: •Diatonic scale with 20 buttons and 40 reeds •Style: Anglo-German Diatonic •Italian design •Mahogany finish •Key of G and C •9 Bellows folds •Weight: 3 lbs •Included padded gig bag http://www.hmtrad.com/catalog/winds/sbx/sbx-anglo.html http://www.google.com/products/catalog?client=qsb-win&rlz=1R3GGLL_enUS354US355&hl=en&q=hohner+d40+concertina&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=7886203440096063661&sa=X&ei=H5flTsHBLeXq0gGc3sHfBQ&ved=0CIwBEPMCMAE#
  6. My appologies to all on my difficulty deciphering gender. Her ad looked so attractive that I should have known immediately. Wow, why are there strange errors existing in the ad of the tina's description in both year and price. I too wonder how it is that these do not match. This is how I contacted Gillian from the US by responding to the ad. ??? Anyway, I was just trying to do a good deed.
  7. Hi all, My recently acquired friend Gillian in Australia has a nice Metal ended English treble Aeola for sale. As I was first interested, then could not commit, I told him I'd let you all know about it. I own a Aeola from this period and mine is light, loud, and wonderful to play. His link is referenced below. His email is: Gillian.Alcock@netspeed.com.au let him know if you're interested. Here's what he has said about it in his advertisement. 1980 Wheatstone English Aeola for sale manufactured around 1980 for the present owner. It has plated metal ends, fully fretted and 'dished' rather than flat. The six-fold leather bellows are original and perfect. The steel reeds speak clearly and loud, making this an excellent box for sessions, tuned to modern concert pitch A440. It has been played regularly and kept in good order, always stored and transported in the flight case shown. Serial number is 600**, and was manufactured in Eye. http://www.1classifieds.co.uk/0/posts/2-For-Sale/39-music-instr/2574765520-Concertina-Wheatstone-pound-1800.html
  8. Hello, This is Tom from Baltimore Maryland USA. I'd be happy to talk concertina with anyone anywhere. PM or email is OK.

  9. Hi Michael, I've been looking rather caually for a baritone to join my family. I'll PM you and we'll talk. Cheers All
  10. Scott, This is one of Wimm's 30key Baritone English models right? Can you attach some photos or a link to them for me? Tom
  11. Hey Scott, Just curious, attach a couple photos of it. Did you play it much? Tom
  12. I just have to ask, how do you know it's the same one? I see my friends at English Concertina Site are looking out for us as well. The just sent me this email which explains how it was identified via the ebay photo. Sad though... I really had my heart set on bidding for it. the email follows................ Cheers All! 'Squeezed' A message to all members of The English Concertina BEWARE! WARNING! DANGER! I just received this urgent message from Barry! "64 button wheatstone on ebay Hello Dick, this is a scam as I own this one, the give away was the bit missing on the label in the box, I have posted on concertina net, please warn all members,thanks Barry." You have been warned! Thanks Barry
  13. I too love the pictures your Tenor Treble EC. I am still looking for a tenor as I now have a treble. Let me know if its still available.
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