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San Diego Concertina Club

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  • 2 weeks later...

We've set up another San Diego Concertina club get together this coming Sunday, May 15th at 2 PM at Mary B's house near Del Mar.


Hope we can tease a few more local players out of the forest to come have some tunes with Mary, Russell, John, and I.


Please send me a private message for directions to the meeting.





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What an amazing experience to play with Michael Eskin (anglo and uillean pipes) and John O'Hara (EC, melodean and guitar)!

It made the slow airs, which are the only Irish tunes I can play, sound wonderful. It was fun playing Morris tunes with Russell.

Russell and I listened with awe as John and Michael played fast reels and jigs.

We hope more people join us next month.

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