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Salvation Army Tutor for English Concertina

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I have looked at the scanned copy of one of the Salvation Army English Concertina Tutors (I think from this site) and it looks amazing and terrifying in equal measure. Just what I need! However, the scan was done quickly and it is quite hard to read the music. Does anyone know if a better scan was done of this tutor book. I would like to work from it but am finding it difficult using the only scanned version I can find online.




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If it's the 1938 tutor, which I downloaded from somewhere, I agree that it's "amazing and terrifying."


I've been very happy with Frank Butler's tutor, downloadable from Concertina.com. the site also has some Salvation Army tutors, perhaps where you got yours and I got mine. The Butler tutor moves at a good pace for me.

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ooooo, nice find symon/Peter. I've been a member here for 2 years and got my first EC 9 months ago. I am lonely in Wisconsin USA and have tutored myself. All the scavenging of materials that I've done--I did not come across this little gem. I totally agree it looks really interesting. It has all the explanations of nomenclature that I could not remember from piano lesson days!! Thanks so much for the mention of this source. It goes to show just how extensive the files are here at concertina.net. You just got 'ta keep digging!!! Michelle

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Simon: I have a few professionally photocopied spirally bound copies of the S.A. concertina tutor. Price £10 to include U.K. postage. Please send me a private email to squeezy@easy.com if interested.


Les Branchett



And what about your own tutor for the EC, Les. Are you going to give that a mention? Some folks here might be interested in knowing about it.



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