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Hi Guys.


When joining this forum I did not introduce myself. I got involved with concertinas some 6 years ago through a challenge. My friend Mr. R. who is a maestro at playing concertina and a perfectionist told me all about concertinas. Before that, never seen one, never held one, only had contempt for something I knew nothing about.


He told me the price and delivery times of a Wheatstone/ Suttner etc. which is one of his 7 concertinas. The reason given for the slow delivery was the reed pans “soundboards."


I’m Irish: Joiner / Cabinet maker by trade.

Specialist in high speeds auto machines.

Entrepreneur Institute of Inventors.

Quantity Surveyor by profession.

Sorry never captured a reed in my life.


Always in need of a challenge.

Brings to mind an Irish song. At McCarthy’s party

Everyone was harty.

Someone hit Maloney on the nose.


The Blarney Brothers.


The game was on for me to prove how simple it was to produce in my home workshop making negative/positive patterns positive/negative patterns of soundboards and bingo!!!


I needed at 60, something to do in these years I was hooked!!!

Now the QS skills started kicking in costings to produce a traditional concertina at the right price. There is no doubt about the demand for a quality instrument even in South Africa. I’ll leave costing alone.


Studying the concertinas from the 50’s and earlier to see what Sir Charles had left us. Bellows, frames made from spruce or Oregon musical grade timber reed pans of beech and maple frames of mahogany ply etc.


Ho do they effect tone? (Don’t expect an answer).


Having solved the assembly and sequential assembly problems for a one or two man hobby!!! Now came the real problems where to source traditional concertina reeds.


QS. 1. To order 8000 the cost prohibitive and where from.

2. Don’t want to use accordion reeds.

3. The answer is make them yourself.


Having stripped several concertinas from the 50’s. Surprise after 55 years the reeds are in a remarkable condition including latent defects and all in tune except 5 which were removed before I received them.


Studying the method of manufacture i.e. slotting I see they were made on a machine with slight bearing movement. Whether by accident or design, the slots were milled with a xxx cutter.


Found it!!! Sir Charles’s Eureka moment which became my Eureka moment.


Gold award for Wheatstone


That is my story, you may play a tartan concertina in a few years time. At this time still learning. Any info from the heavyweights and learning from all the new guys.


By the way the only LUTHER I know was the Reverend Martin Luther. He nailed his thesis to the doors at Wittinburg, and caused a mighty protest, stirred up a bees nest. Protestants all over Europe. Turned the whole place upside down.


Don’t confuse this Irishman by putting down two shovels and telling him to take his pick.


L. DRIVER Thanks.


Playing Andante c/g c/g c/g c/g.

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Tut tut! 114 views and 0 replies (as of now). I hope you don't think we're always this unfriendly.


Welcome on board. I nearly said welcome to the madness, but it sounds as if you are already well into the madness. I hope you achieve whatever it is you are hoping to do, but remember don't just make them, play them.

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