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Alf Edwards


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Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out more information about Alf Edwards?

One place to start would be the search facility here on Concertina.net.

When I searched the Forums just now for "Alf Edwards" (the full name in quotes), I was presented with links to 88 different threads. May take a little sifting, but there's bound to be some good stuff in there.


A Google search on the combination of "Alf Ewards" and "concertina" turned up about 36 thousand hits, and at least the first several look useful.


Happy hunting.

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That'll keep you busy/happy.


It was Alf's concertina on Topic records backing shanties etc that intrigued me and got me away from skiffle and deeper into folk and traditional music . I didn't realise he was quite a classically trained musician and imagined a jolly jack tar in the days before Google.I had been watching the film Mobey Dick!

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