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B/C Castagnari Dinn III


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I know this is a concertina website, but our members are interested in all things free reed, so here goes. I am selling a Castagnari Dinn III with what I thing is Swing tuning with LMM reeds. This is a custom model with stops for both the low reeds on the keyboard and a stop to remove the thirds from the bass notes. It also has a special "cutaway" feature on the bass side that makes the bass notes easier to reach. My being left-handed is inhibiting my my progress on this instrument -- but it is my old hands and not the instrument at fault. The accordion comes with both soft and hard cases and is in excellent, almost unused condition. Asking $2,300. Contact Ross Schlabach at rpsqueezer(no spam)@gmail.com or 828no894spam5504.



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