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Leisure Moments No. 1

Nanette Hooker

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A little bit unsure with the tempo at some spots in the first half but your second half sounds much more confident. It sounds brilliant.

You did not make it easy for yourself with a tune like this! Recording in itself is very difficult. Recording a tune like this seems to me almost impossible.


my compliments!

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That's a nice effort. In the way of constructive crit I'd say the first theme needs you to polish for smoothness. Concentrate on the timing of when one note ends as well as when the next one starts. Get the gaps perceptible but only just. Once you've achieved that you can get some nice lyrical phrasing going.


It's a cute tune that I think you need to aim to make the instrument sing, as it were. A 'song without words'. The march part you sound more comfortable with.


The midi backing works well too.

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