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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, anyone in the UK knows any good leather supplier or website where I can find the right leather for concertina valves? I bought a sheep hide from ebay to cut and replace the valves myself, but they curl up too easily. I trimmed them to the same size and chose the same thickness as the original ones, but they tend to curl rapidly just with gravity. I’m guessing it’s a matter of stiffness and flexibility? It’s the first time I’m cutting them myself, if anyone has found the right leather I’d appreciate a bit of help. Thanks.
  2. One of two Wheatstones that arrived on the same day. This is from the c 1909 Aeola. Obviously, a new set of valves is on the list.
  3. Initial inspection of the Lachenal TT shows it to be in relatively good cosmetic condition. The keys and bushings needed cleaning and polishing only. The 7-fold bellows appear to be in like-new condition but stiff from lack of use. I replaced the valves for obvious reasons. The instrument had been stored on it's end. I've yet to replace the pads except for a couple that needed immediate attention. It had been re-tuned to A440. I made a new case for it as it arrived without one. It is the one on the right, next to my Lachenal New Model extended treble.
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