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Found 5 results

  1. I’m working on a two part reel called “Crowleys Reel”, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with, although I’m not! I’ve always heard a tune by the name of “Master Crowleys Reel” but “Crowleys Reel” is much different and new to me! I love the tune but I’m having trouble finding recordings of it on YouTube! Do any of you play it and if so could you post a recording?! Cheers! I play a Mcneela Anglo c/d.
  2. Folderol

    The Gael

    Hello friends! I’ve been playing around with a well known Tune called The Gael, aka The Kiss, aka The Last of The Mohicans theme song. I use to play this on the fiddle but now I’m trying to work through it on the concertina. Has anyone else attempted to learn this? I’m wondering what key would best suit this tune on the squeeze box as I’m still a newbie. When I try to mimic what I did on the fiddle I feel like the notes are going to low and this throws me off! Here are some notes from the session that I’m “kinda following”. T:The Gael M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D dorian |~A,3 FED|EDC DCG,|~A,3 FED|EDC DCA,| |~C3 ~E3|GEE EDE|~C3 ~E3|GEE EDE| |~F3 FEF|GFF FED|~E3 EDE|GEE EDC| |D3 DCD|FED EDC|DED DCD|FED EDC|
  3. I am selling my 4-CD set, “300 Gems of Irish Music for All Instruments,” for only $4.99 USD. See https://greylarsen.com/shop/product/300-gems-recordings-mp3s-or-set-of-4-cds/. This price is good through January 6, 2020. All my Irish music books and most of my CDs are also heavily discounted. For all the info, go to: https://greylarsen.com/webstore/holiday-cd-book-sale/. This audio collection is a companion to my book “300 Gems of Irish Music for All Instruments.” (See https://greylarsen.com/shop/product/300-gems-of-irish-music-for-all-instruments/). All 300 tunes are notated in the book. Free excerpts are available as PDF downloads (at http://greylarsen.com/webstore/books/). Many of the transcriptions pay homage to recordings by great musicians and groups such as Matt Molloy, Martin Hayes, Sharon Shannon, Mary Bergin, Kevin Burke, James Kelly, Willie Clancy, Altan, the Bothy Band and the Mulcahy Family, as well as early 20th century recordings from revered masters Michael Coleman, Paddy Killoran, Dennis Murphy, Bobby Casey, Paddy Canny and others. The tunes are notated in a style that makes them equally accessible to players of fiddle, flute, whistle, accordion, concertina, harp, keyboard, guitar, mandolin, banjo, uilleann pipes – to all melody players. I play the tunes on Irish flute, tin whistle, and 49 of the tunes on my Wheatstone 12-sided anglo concertina from the 1930s. This is an excellent resource for repertoire building and makes a nice gift. Also, I designed the tune sequence such that good medleys result when you play consecutive tunes one after another. (At least I think so.) To buy only the 49 concertina tunes, go here: https://greylarsen.com/shop/product/49-concertina-tunes-from-300-gems-of-irish-music-for-all-instruments/. For $9.99, you can get the same collection as 300 downloadable mp3s, and save shipping costs. This costs less than getting the CDs if you are in Canada, Mexico or outside of North America. The mp3s can be found here: https://greylarsen.com/shop/product/300-gems-recordings-mp3s-or-set-of-4-cds/. The CD set is so inexpensive because I have piles of them on my shelves! Time to move them out into the world. I make no profit at this price, but I have the pleasure of spreading the music around. Most of my CDs are also on sale at 40% off. And all my books are reduced as well. See https://greylarsen.com/webstore/holiday-cd-book-sale/. Thank you for your attention, and happy holidays! - Grey
  4. I wrote this little tune called 'Dogs Allowed,' so here it is at bandcamp: http://bellowbelle.bandcamp.com/track/dogs-allowed The ABC code and the dots are available, too, at my website. And in fact I must get going now because my dog...the one in the photo with the soundfile...is demanding attention.
  5. In this clip of Kitty Hayes and Peter Laban Does anyone know what key she is playing in. I have printed the sheet music from Session.org and it is in G major, but in this video it seems to be something different. Any ideas?
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