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Found 2 results

  1. A while ago I started trying to make an app that would help me learn different scales and puzzle through different chord options on my Anglo without excessive hunting-and-pecking. I eventually arrived at something that worked well enough for my purposes. It doesn't do much and could be a lot better, but I figured it might be of some use to folks here: anglopiano.com NB, I added several keyboard layouts that I don't personally own. They're based on charts I found here and there on the internet, so do please tell me if you see anything amiss. In particular, I couldn't find a 40-button G/D Wheatstone chart, so I extrapolated based on the C/G one I found. Hope this is useful, let me know what you think.
  2. I've always considered Stephen Foster's "Oh Susanna" to be a great introductory tune for learning the Anglo since it can be played on only three buttons. However, while working up some tunes for a new book (to be announced shortly) I've run across a tune that can be played on only two buttons on the Anglo. Yes, that's right, only TWO buttons! It's "Poor Old Horse" (see attached). Sorry for all you EC and duet players out there, but you'll need twice as many buttons to play this! Which of course has me wondering, are there any other two-button wonders out there? Gary PoorOldHorse.pdf
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