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Found 7 results

  1. When you're overwhelmed, sometimes things stay in your subconscious for a while before resurfacing. This happened to me at the recent Noel Hill concertina school in Cincinnati, and what just bubbled up from my unconscious turns out to be something I"ll probably value the rest of my concertina playing life. This is what is bubbling up now. At some point, Noel corrected the way I was holding the instrument...on my right thigh. He suggested I change it to my left thigh, because the air-button hand -- the right hand -- is the "bowing hand" of the instrument. He made several comparisons b
  2. I just took out some old time fiddle instruction books, trying to play tunes on the EC. I used to play fiddle years ago before having neck problems so I do understand the techniques. I was intrigued by the idea of duplicating shuffle bowing on EC by alternating pull and preess. I remember being told that this can wear out the bellows. A few years ago I was at NESI and there was a workshop on jigs with a technique of changing bellows direction on certain notes (can't remember details) Does anyone have experience with this? Just fooling around with it for a few minutes, it seems to hav
  3. Hi all, The other day I was searching online for the violin sheet music for the song "The Cuckold Comes out of the Amery" as performed in the film "Master and Commander" (listen here). Somehow I stumbled on a .temp file from this website (r and Commander" (listen here). Somehow I stumbled on a .temp file from this website (http://www.concertina.net/tunes-temp/1166.pdf ), and, not realizing it was a temporary file, I bookmarked it to print later. Next time I clicked it, naturally, it came up as a 404. I've been kicking myself ever since-- I did want to learn that one. Does anyone here know
  4. Traditional music duo 'Blyde Lasses' are once again bringing the sounds of Shetland to Skye, Glasgow, and Stirling this coming weekend! The pair performs traditional, contemporary and self-penned Shetland material with Frances Wilkins on English concertina and Claire White on fiddle and vocals in their story-rich concerts. Frances will be guest tutoring at this year's Swaledale Squeeze in May, and this is a chance to hear her in action prior to the event. Scottish Mini Tour Dates March 2014 Friday 21st March Shetland Night at Breakish Hall, Breakish, Isle of Skye. 7.30pm. £6/4 on the doo
  5. DC/ Baltimore Area Squeeze In Sunday Jan 19 1 PM - whenever for directions or additional information message me or Jim Besser All levels and musical styles and instruments invited!
  6. The Annapolis Traditional Dance Society is pleased to announce two performances by noted Anglo concertina player Jody Kruskal (who frequents this forum) and his musical comrade, fiddler Paul Friedman. Jody is a remarkable player - it is probably fair to call him virtuosic - who has expanded the horizons of his performances on the Anglo to many styles of music. He has won particular acclaim for his use of the concertina in old-time American music - blues, ragtime, traditional country music, Tin Pan Alley songs and more. A sweet-voiced singer with an engaging character, he draws his audien
  7. Please see below for details of the new album, 'Blyde Lasses', featuring Frances Wilkins on English Concertina. Copies of the album can be purchased online at www.blydelasses.com Traditional music duo Blyde Lasses release their debut album of folk songs and tunes, all with a strong Shetland accent. Frances Wilkins and Claire White’s 'Blyde Lasses' album has developed out of seven years of domestic and international performances by the pair. Concertina player Frances explains ‘After many requests for recordings at concerts we finally entered the studio in 2013 to produce an album whic
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