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Found 6 results

  1. Concertina Case. Made by Pelican™ Storm. Waterproof, shockproof, fully lined and fitted. No case is more protective. Like new. Made by Pelican, model 1300 Protector Case, as shown at https://www.pelican.com/us/en/product/cases/protector/1300 Listed at https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/concertina-case-pelican-storm-indestrucible/32363050 Internal measurements: 9.5 inches wide, 7.5 inches front to back, 5.25” deep. Holds my old Jeffries perfectly. I have extra padding if necessary. You can sit on this, stand on it, use it for a jack-stand for your car, take it into the shower with you. Neither the contents nor the container will be harmed. It will survive an airplane crash and if lost at sea it will float in the ocean forever. It is in Ireland now. Thanks.... best wishes....
  2. I recently purchased a NANUK 908 case for my VINTAGE concertina. An option with the 908 is a padded divider. On the right and left, the padded dividers are fine and will snuggly fit an anglo concertina. The front and back, however, are too thick. I sliced open the front and back pads at the bottom and removed the styrofoam. Replace the padded liner and insert concertina. The concertina is padded snuggly on top, bottm, right, and left. The front and back are padded by two layers of material. Perhaps some very thin foam or other padding might be added. I plan to add spacers made from the leftover pads to block the concertina on both sides as it was in the original case.
  3. WANTED: Case for 80 button Wheatstone Duet Aeola, Approx 12" diameter and 12" deep. Or 12" cube. Modern or original.
  4. I picked up a Peli Storm im2075 case for my recently acquired Lachenal after seeing it recommended quite a bit on the forum, and I'm just trying to figure out how to pad it correctly. It's a pretty tight fit, so I just wanted to check which orientation would be the best choice and how to go about blocking it. Here's how it fits in two different orientations: The way I assumed it would go in (due to it always being on its side at pretty much any orientation). It has maybe a couple of millimetres on each side, possibly slightly more if I raise it up a little. More space this way around, but not sure if this is optimal: Any tips? I wanted to sort it out this weekend so I can store it more safely, and before it inevitably starts raining again here in Wales I tried to find some relevant info on blocking, and as far as I understand I essentially want 4 small blocks of wood to evenly close the bellows when it's inserted in, with a tight-ish fit, and then the actual padding of the case shouldn't matter as much?
  5. My concertina has been at the spa in Kentucky for a month, getting two reed pan cracks filled, a few bellows hinges replaced, all new pads, a few new valves and a new set of gold-stamped thumb loops. Greg Jowaisas did the work. I sent him an 1860s George Case in pretty good working order and he sent me back an instrument VERY much improved in sound and ease of playing. I started palying last June, borrowing a Staggi-like instrument from a friend, but graduated to this in August. Its maker's cartouch is missing, so placing the instrument with George Case is partly guesswork based on its likeness to C-257 at concertinamuseum.com, and to Jowaisas' knowledge of the mechanism and construction. The museum piece is listed with Keith, Prouse & Co., but notes indicate that Case was a frequent maker of their stuff. My instrument bears the serial number 1374. I would recommend Jowaisas for any work on old or new instruments. He's a straight-shooter and has upgraded my instrument with great care and personal investment and the results are, I think, just terrific. I'll try to get up the nerve to post a tune.
  6. I'm up to three concertina cases now, all from reputable sellers, which feature but a single latch to keep the case closed. Am I, a relative concertina novice, just totally missing something here? Is there some great reason that there aren't at least two latches on a given case? I take care to carry my cases with the latch outboard, since I've had at least one or two occasions where an inboard latch bumped my leg and came open. Thankfully it was my cheaper Elsie, and thankfully the case is a good snug fit and it didn't fall out. I vaguely recall a few past threads where a few alternative case makers opined it's daft to have a case design where the handle is on the lid, thus allowing the case to fall open even with the handle held firm. I do wish the "standard" case had a more secure design, but for the moment I've gots what I've gots. That being the case, does anyone have a preferred luggage belt/strap to keep their case closed? Not necessarily a shoulder/hand strap, just a cinchable piece of material that has to be deliberately loosed to allow the case to come open. Either with a sliding buckle, unlocking velcro, knot, velcro, whatever? Not to be too gearheaded, as I'm sure I could just loop a piece of whatever I have laying around the house about the case and it'd suffice, but if anyone has a favorite $5-10 item that looks good, works smooth, etc. I'd be glad to hear of it. I'm vaguely inclined to get something with a sliding buckle rather than one that snaps open, thinking that such a buckle has even less chance of failing than a snap that could somehow be bumped or break a tooth inside. Most hits for "luggage belt" or similar on Amazon, however (such as the pretty little ones from Orb) tend towards the plastic squeeze-buckle, and most are more like 80" long when I reckon 40" or less should work for my concertina cases. I'm probably overthinking this, but am open to any suggestions. And/or people to tell me using a strap is silly, or to endorse that a single latch is a poor idea and a strap is wise insurance.
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