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Found 4 results

  1. I'm currently looking at hayden duet concertinas. I've been playing a second-hand Bastari I bought and fixed up but it was already well on it's way out and the bellows are getting holes on the corners so I think It's time to find something a little more long-term. I was looking at the peacock model from concertina connection but it seems like they aren't currently in production as I couldn't find anywhere to acctually buy one, not to mention the price is already a bit high. So I was wondering if perhaps anyone was in possession of a secondhand peacock in relatively good condition they'd be willing to sell.
  2. As the title says, i'm looking at buying a 20 button anglo for pretty cheap (sub £200 IF possible, if not, i have to wait it out). If possible, photos of the reeds would be appreciated too.
  3. Hi, I am a beginner looking for a used concertina in good working order. I am looking at other sites, listings and new options but at this time as a woman dealing with unemployment in the US due to covid, hoping there is someone out here who has one they no longer play and would like to rehome to a hopeful enthusiast with some time on her hands. Happy to pay a reasonable amount, not trying to make anyone feel undervalued or ask anyone to give me anything for free :3 Please get in touch if you have anything I might be interested in. Edit: I am currently looking for something $500 USD or less; used or new.
  4. Hello all. I was directed here from another forum. I expressed my interest in finding a good cheap concertina to knock about on and they directed me to both the 20 button anglo and this fine board. I understand that that model is a bit limited, but due to how likely it seems that I will be able to get one within my budget and how easy it should be as a starter instrument I think it is a good fit. It also seems to be the perfect fit for the sort of music I'm interested in playing. Sea chantys, fiddle tunes, backup to a few drinking songs, that sort of thing. From what I understand I could then move on to a quality 20 button or even upgrade to a 30 button without having to relearn much if I ever feel the need. On the subject of budget I can potentially go as high as $200, but if at all possible I'm hoping to find something a bit cheaper. Thanks for taking the time to check out my request.
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