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Found 11 results

  1. WHEATSTONE AEOLA 81 KEY MACCANN DUET CONCERTINA S/N 35286 In great condition, fully playable and comes with the original Wheatstone box. The Wheatstone ledger (Ledger SD03, Page 037 - Serial No. 35277 to No. 35299) in the Horniman museum shows that this concertina dates to 1940. The eight-fold bellows are airtight and A is tuned to 440Hz. The following is an excerpt from "The History of The Duet Concertina". Many players became very proficient on the duet, notably Alexander Prince and Percy Honri. As the range of music increased so did the size of the instruments. Numbers such as the "Lost Chord" showed off the organ-like qualities of the duet, and Prince spent four years learning the complete overture to Tannhauser for which the 81 key duet was developed. Please see the accompanying pictures for more details. Should you have any questions then I will do my best to answer them. Worldwide shipping is available at cost subject to local customs restrictions / charges. Price £3,200 o.n.o.
  2. I am selling my rosewood ended 46-button Lachenal MacCann (number 4325). It comes in it's superbly restored original case. The metal buttons are bushed and the concertina and reeds are very clean. The concertina is in good condition though needs fine tuning. I would be happy to send more pictures. I bought it back in 2017 but have never really got to grips with the system, so decided its time to go. I am looking for around £700 but would consider offers. Now asking for £600 or near offer. Please pm me if you are interested. Peter
  3. For sale: Wheatstone 62-button Maccann duet concertina -- Serial # 35731 -- for sale at $2,850 or best offer, however, buyer must pay all shipping costs. http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD03/PAGES/D3P0560L.HTM Here is a general comment about this instrument by a professional concertina specialist: "(Regarding) the three buttons off to the left that are marked "BA", WH", and "WV". The WV button is standard - it's what most players call an air release, but Wheatstone referred to it as a "Wind Valve". The other two are novelty buttons which are uncommon on duet system concertinas; the WH is a bird whistle, and the BA is a baby cry (Wheatstone called this a "cock crow"). On the production records, this concertina is listed as a "SP (Special) Duet" with "bird & cock" pencilled in. Cool stuff for concertina geeks..." Please be aware that this belonged to our father who was a professional musician, however, we do not play the concertina. We have tried it, and to the best of our abilities that we can tell, it seems to be in full working order. However, you will be buying this instrument "AS IS" and it is not eligible for a refund. Here are some photos. If you would like to see more, please contact me privately at Michelenergy@yahoo.com or call me at (928) 554-5820 in the United States. Thank you again for your interest.
  4. Concertina Lovers, This one is for collectors, it is extremely rare. 12 keys Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet Concertina, serial number: 32154. it was made around 1929. It is in an incredible condition. All actions, pads, metal buttons, steel reeds and 8-fold bellows are impeccable. The metal ends are beautifully sculpted. It is "concert pitch" tuned and it sounds great. It is surprisingly powerful for the size (4.5 inches / 3 inches). I bought it from Chris Algar at Barleycorn Concertinas in 2006. Played very occasionally. It plays just like when I got it. It will come in the original box which is also in an amazing condition. Check out the eBay auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Wheatstone-Miniature-Maccann-Duet-Concertina-/302266299377? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
  5. Hello concertina lovers, I am selling two of my beloved concertinas! An amazing Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet that I bought from Barleycorn Concertinas. It plays beautifully and It is extremely rare. So powerful for the size. And an as amazing maybe a little bit less rare 48 keys Lachenal New Model English concertina. I bought this one from David Robertson, and he did a stunning work restoring it. You can check the auctions: 12 keys Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302178528085?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 48 keys Lachenal New Model English concertina: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302178472053?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. This won't be to everyone's taste... continuing in a similar minimal/drone vein to the "Mr. Jeffries' Laptop" pieces I recorded a while ago, here are three improvisations based very loosely on the Child ballad "Willie of the Winsbury", all played on my 67-key Wheatstone Maccann duet. In the longest piece I decided to make a feature out of the noise the low A valve is making on the pull. If you enjoy them, please consider bunging a few quid in the pot -- all proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International. https://lachenaliamusic.bandcamp.com/album/his-hair-hung-like-strands-of-gold
  7. Hi everyone. I´m sure I´m not the first Maccann player who ask this. I have been playing this system for a year now and I have the feeling of not getting better. There are no videos I could find of Maccann duet teaching and there are only a couple videos on Youtube of people playing it. Also living in Buenos Aires, Argentina does not help. I´m the only concertina player in maybe the whole country (and this is a big country) So I would be very thankful to anyone who can give me some tips or info. Anyone giving lessons online? Thank you so much!
  8. I last played this song in public at Concertinas at Witney in about 2006 -- but I've been thinking about Syd Barrett, the original leader of Pink Floyd, quite a bit lately. It's 40 years since he turned up unannounced at the Floyd's recording sessions for Wish You Were Here, one of a series of LPs of which he was a large part of the subject matter. Anyway, I dug it out of the recesses of my memory as it seemed a good time to revisit it -- it's such a desperate, yet desperately beautiful song. Those of you who prefer a less droney approach may not find much to enjoy here https://soundcloud.com/lachenaliamusic/dark-globe
  9. Here's the Katrina & the Waves song "Going Down to Liverpool" which the Bangles subsequently covered, my version being based more on theirs than the original. Admittedly, the concertina plays a much-reduced role in this - I used it to imitate the way the Bangles did their backing vocals in their version of the song, so it's quite low in the mix, and doesn't appear immediately. I never really finished it, and despite the fact that if I were to revisit it now I'd certainly redo the bits where the high notes in the vocal veer off pitch, when I found it again yesterday I was pleased with the gentle bluegrassy feel of the arrangement, so I thought I'd share. https://soundcloud.com/5357311/going-down-to-liverpool-bangleskatrina-and-the-waves-cover
  10. While rummaging through my hard drive, I found this recording from 2007 - a version of "Sister Ray" by The Velvet Underground, reimagined for duet concertina, acoustic guitar, and acoustic bass guitar. In the interests of being "family-friendly" I should say that if you're not familiar with the song, it's a particularly sordid Lou Reed paean to, amongst other things, drugs, prostitution and murder - it's basically an urban folk ballad, really, but not for the queasy of stomach. Anyway, it rolls along quite nicely, I think - I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it again after all this time. https://soundcloud.com/5357311/sister-ray-velvet-underground-cover-acoustic-w-concertina
  11. Dear friends, as I told in another topic, the Dilemma, that began Mr. Dirge, I have put two close up videos of myself playing the right hand of my maccann duet. I don't know if putting them on the video forum or in the teaching and learning forum. I decided to do it as there are only a few videos of duet playing in were one can see clearly the hands or one hand in one of the sides of the concertina. I recorded them almost one year ago, I didn't put them online as there were several mistakes, hoping for recording again them better, but finally as I didn't record them again, I decided to began putting these videos for beginning a topic, and hoping that other maccann players do the same. Titles and links 1st Video Experimentando coa maccann duet concertina 1. É unha modelo wheatstone de 46 botóns de aproximadamente 1920. Interpreto en do a melodía da muiñeira de Faustino Luis Seoane, coñecido gaiteiro de O Cañizo - A Gudiña - Ourense. Exploring the maccann duet layout 1 playing a wheatstone 46 buttons concertina from the 20s, I play a galician muiñeira in C key, learned from the famous galician piper, Faustino Luis Seoane, O Cañizo - A Gudiña (Ourense). https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hZU10Iaqx3U I posted this muiñeira in another topic in the videos section with an anglo in Bb/F. 2nd Video Experimentando coa maccann duet concertina 2. É unha modelo wheatstone de 46 botóns de aproximadamente 1920. Interpreto en do unha jota aprendida do gran gaiteiro Juanjo Fernández. Exploring the maccann duet layout playing a wheatstone 46 buttons concertina from the 20s, I play a galician jota in C key, learned from the galician piper Juanjo Fernández from Lugo" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHitiO5nGX8 Jotas are in 3/4 rythm but much more lively than the waltz, if they go in a moderate tempo, as this one it can be called Jota valseada (waltzsed jota). I hope your benevolence for the mistakes. I shall put in another post the way that I played in these videos, I adapted my way of fingering in the diatonic accordion, playing with three fingers mainly, index, middle and ring finger. It works well in C key, in another keys not. My purpose is playing traditional music mainly and in galician music the tunes aren't usually more than in a 9 notes extent, then maccanns with 46, 55 or 57 keys are very nice for playing it, I think. Félix Castro
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