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  1. I speak from experience: get the good, hardshell case. The gig bag is nothing but a dust cover. I dropped my concertina, in its gig bag, and although it only went about 2 feet to the sidewalk it was enough to cause problems. It was "only" an inexpensive Rochelle, but at the time it was my only concertina. For my new, expensive concertina, I got the Pelican case recommended by the maker and fitted for my instrument.
  2. Thanks, Dick and Geoff, for the link--I enjoyed looking through the site.
  3. Thanks for the comments, Shas and Malcolm. I'm not playing fast enough to consider air during speedy tunes. :-) Because of the difficulty of reaching the air button I only use it when I have a suitable note on the left hand because I can't hit the air and a right-hand note at the same time. Fortunately (I guess) I don't need to use it much.
  4. Shas, Your review is great, thank you. I've had my Rochelle for 11 months now, still a long way to go. I wonder, what do you think of the placement of the air button? I find it difficult to reach.
  5. This is encouraging to hear. I hope the buttons on MY Rochelle become more responsive, right or left, I don't care which. But I haven't had it quite a year yet. . .
  6. This sounds fun. I'll try to figure it out this evening after work.
  7. Oh, I get it now. Thanks, Leo. Thanks to you, too, Dick. I enjoyed watching it!
  8. Hi Ann M. Above your post is a word that is also a link. Search that post for the word "Jeffries", and click on it. It's the direct link to YouTube. I live in Pennsylvania, US. The BBC videos are odd in that sometimes they let you watch and sometimes they don't. Thanks Leo
  9. I got "not available in your area" too and I'm in Seattle (thereabouts). I tried finding it on youtube--can you give me maybe some search words? Thanks. I'm just learning, would love to see this.
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