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    Music. Spiritualité. Sorcellerie.
    Je suis le membre fondateur du groupe folk électro Flanna O'Tara.
    Mes instruments de musique sont des synthétiseurs, concertinas, flûtes et accordéons.
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    Givet, France

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  1. It could be that the shipping costs are worth more than the concertina. And it is offered with free shipping! Perhaps the seller miss typed "This is a beautiful instrument worth very much more than the asking price." Doesn't she mean ...worth very much LESS than the asking price...? To be fair, it could be used as a prop in a stage play
  2. Hello! I'm new to this forum but not new to concertina playing. I play English concertina. Like many musicians, I have more instruments than I really need, so I'm going to sell a few of them. Trouble is that quality conertinas are valuable and there is a big problem with scammers. Can anyone advise me the best way to sell an expensive instrument here. What is a safe way to get paid without getting ripped off? I don't want to sell expensive instruments on Ebay, and I will not accept payment via Paypal.
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