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  1. Whenever I go off for a trip in the caravan I always take my concertina with me. In the unusual event that I find somewhere sunny, do I leave the concertina in the caravan where the heat can build up during my absence or do I take it with me in the car, where ........... ditto. Does heat of this kind do any harm to the instrument, and if so has anyone any experience of dealing with this problem? I suppose I could always carry it out and about with me, and perhaps busk a little to pay the caravan site fees.
  2. I'm not very experienced with my concertina, but I can tell you what a DJ is; not a disc jockey but a dinner jacket - alias tuxedo. I've never worn mine for any gig except a formal choir job. Must give it a try some time.
  3. Cornerstone


    Although the outlay was expensive, I use Sibelius a great deal for the sake of its flexibility. It also allows me to print in PDF format, which I can then export and share music. Abc is a useful way of receiving scores from sources which don't have access to more expensive software; I immediately convert it to pdf and thence to Sibelius. There is no personal advantage for me in learning how to set the music in abc. Is there any software capable of converting other formats into abc so permitting me to pass music on to other enthusiasts?
  4. Good suggestions. I've got Tom Bowling, Home Sweet Home, Snowy-Breasted Pearl, and of course the dance tunes. Thanks for this.
  5. The local church is planning a flower festival weekend with a Victorian theme. I have been asked to play a few sessions over the weekend, preferably of Victorian music. Obviously most of the dance tunes we play at barn dances will come from that period and before, but I imagine they have in mind some of the parlour music of the period and earlier - Home Sweet Home, Tom Bowling, etc. Any suggestions, please?
  6. Sorry, all I know about ABC is how to paste it into a converter so I can read it. Help, anyone? I suppose I could try to record it and post the MP3 but I'm away from home and equipment at the moment. I wonder if there might be anyone aboard the Geordie charabanc who could whistle the tune, or put it into ABC.
  7. As an in joke in the family, I have composed a little jig commemorating the Scotch Corner roundabout on the A1. I have incorporated scotch snaps and tried to fit it into the rhythm of the title. To complete the joke I have designed a dance, which I have not yet had chance to try out with a group of dancers. Anyone reading this is welcome to give both tune and dance a try and let me know how they get on. I am open to suggestions of improvements.Scotch Corner Jig.pdf
  8. Thirty years ago the French Minister of Culture had a brainwave that revolutionised music-making in France and beyond. On 21st June each year - Summer Solstice day - musicians, whether professional or amateur - were asked to perform without fee to audiences who did not pay to listen in unusual venues, preferably outdoors. It has become an immense success, and throughout France on or about 21st June each year Fete de la Musique is celebrated. I have seen professional groups of considerable renown performing to outdoor audiences, free of charge, and a little lad of 10 or 11 setting up his music stand in a small corner of the place and performing to appreciative audiences of a couple of dozen. In Epworth, North Lincolnshire, UK we are presenting our version of this for the third year. Musicians have been invited to turn up anywhere in this small town to perform. There is no guarantee of any audience beyond other performers, but if experience of the last two years holds good the musicians - and a few locals - will enjoy sharing. It will be a kind of outdoor session. Anyone turning up tomorrow - 21st June - will be sure to be welcomed. The only place named as a venue is the beautiful garden of Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, right in a prime spot on the High Street. The church has given permission for musicians to use the garden as a centre, and musicians will begin to gather from about 10.0 a.m. and stay until about dusk. From 6.30 p.m. onwards it is hoped there will be an impromptu concert in the garden. How about giving it a try? Failing that, you could start the tradition where you live. Let me know how you get on. Keith
  9. Thanks, Dave. I didn't ask you for the dots because I know you don't use them. This is great, and I'll have a go at it before the Fete de la Musique in Epworth. It would be a good chance to give it a go.
  10. I was at a session this week when some of the musicians played Jinky Wells' Harvest Home. Having been brought up reading the dots, I have tried since to locate the music, but all I can find is the Irish Harvest Home, a different tune altogether. Any suggestions, please?
  11. I have a concertina beginner friend in France who is trying to buy what she calls a 'cordelette' to support her Jackie English concertina when playing. She has had no success in France, and has asked me to try to get her one in England to take the next time my wife and I go there. Any suggestions? Also how are they fitted?
  12. Whoops! And at various times of my life I've been a daily listener. At least I know where Barwick is, because I often pass the junction on the M1 heading to Harrogate. I once attended a concert when the whole of the suite from which the Archers theme was taken, and the whole thing is very pleasant. What a shame it isn't played more. The arrangement I've been told of is meant to accompany dance, and I'll give it a try some day.
  13. Great! This should help a lot. Thanks for the link. There are lots of other good tunes on the site, too.
  14. Thanks, Chris. That's the bit I've got so far, and it's fine. There is quite a bit more, however. No doubt it will turn up. If all else fails I'll have to buy it, but I'm mean! It's odd to see it in duple time, which does seem to negate the dumpy-dumpy-dumpy-dumpy-dum of the classic.
  15. Has anyone the dots for 'Barwick Green', the Archers tune? I have been able to find the obvious part of the tune, the bit that introduces the programme daily, but of course the tune carries on quite a bit further. It does seem odd that a soap set in the Cotswolds should choose a Yorkshire tune for its title music, but it does seem to fit quite well.
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