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  1. There is one note on my concertina (in the push direction) which is in tune, starts promptly, but is just rather quiet. The same note on the pull is normal volume.


    What is the likely cause of this? (If it was on pull rather than push I would suspect a delaminating pad or something.) I can't see anything wrong, looking at the reed, pads, valves etc.


    Concertina is an Aeola maccann duet and the note is G-sharp below middle C. Any help gratefully received.

  2. I've been following this thread for some time while away on holiday and not logged in, so unable to post. But now I'm back (and I note that I was mentioned above as a current player).


    With regard to Irene's breakdown of players by country above, I feel bound to wonder ... what about South Africa? I'm thinking particularly of the Afrikaner boeremusiek players. I know they are mostly anglo players, but there were a number of Maccann players too (I heard this from Zak van der Vyver), so I guess there must still be some. Does anybody know?


    Interesting thread. By the way, at the Saturday afternoon tune session at the recent White Horse Folk Festival there were three Maccann players in the same room!

  3. Well, we've had 7 months now and it's still going well. 12 people there in August, including 5 concertinas.


    Just in case anyone is following this, there won't be a session in September, and the October one is having to be moved forward a week, i.e. the 3rd Monday instead of the 4th (i.e. October 17th, not October 24th).

  4. Well, as we're now up to 1,000 views it seems appropriate to update things.


    We've now had four sessions (not tessions), February to May. We were down to 8 people in May, including no less than 5 concertinas, but then we knew some of us weren't going to be able to make it. Had a fairly intense session for an hour or more, then we eased up a bit.


    Hope the summer doesn't reduce the numbers too much. The next one is in June, right after the ECMW weekend.

  5. Thanks for the encouraging comment. But sorry, we don't have the technology to post videos etc.


    Also, I wish I could edit the title from 'tession' to 'session'. (Perhaps somebody can?).


    Third session is tomorrow, 25th March. Yes, I know it's Easter Monday, but some people have said they can come, and the pub is prepared to have us, so I guess it's on.

  6. Tut tut! 114 views and 0 replies (as of now). I hope you don't think we're always this unfriendly.


    Welcome on board. I nearly said welcome to the madness, but it sounds as if you are already well into the madness. I hope you achieve whatever it is you are hoping to do, but remember don't just make them, play them.

  7. Announcing a new tune session commencing this Monday, 28th February 2011, and the fourth Monday in each month thereafter, from 8.30 pm.


    The venue is the Blue Anchor in High Road, Byfleet, postcode KT14 7RL This is where the Anchor Folk Club is held every Thursday, which is a great folk club held in the upstairs room, but we thought we would try to get a tune session going down in the bar as well.


    At this stage we don't know who we're going to get turning up, or whether it's going to take off, but there has been quite a bit of interest, so here's hoping.


    Any local 'tina players (or any instrument, of course) welcome, so we hope to see you there.

  8. Duets just have more work to do. If your left hand is playing chords or counter melody or vamping, the right hand is having to play all the notes of the tune. So there is no change of direction (anglo) or change of hand (English) to reduce the workload: every note has to be individually fingered by the right hand. (I am not counting those rare, and unsatisfactory, occasions when the tune goes below middle C and I have to use the left hand. This tends to muck up the accompaniment so I try to avoid this).


    Much as I love playing Maccann duet, and I really enjoy playing tunes in sessions, I can recognise that I will probably never be as fast as some of the anglo and English players I encounter. After 13 years, I am not always as fast as my wife, who has only been playing concertina (English) for about 9 months.

  9. Well, my first reaction as a duet player (Maccann) is that this looks very interesting indeed for melody work, or even two simultaneous melodies, but some chords look a bit of a stretch (D major or G7, for example).


    Perhaps a fifth row would help, but that would means either a lot of extra reeds or an un-concertina-like link mechanism. I await comments from players more expert than myself.

  10. Well, as a duet player (Maccann system, obviously), I would say that if you and your partner are serious about this, then it would be an ideal choice for the types of music you mention.


    You are correct in saying that there is not much teaching material available, but if she is musical she should mostly be able to sort it out for herself.


    Get the best you can afford. If a Maccann, a 67-button model has a good range.


    I believe a chemnitzer is a German beast, a bit like a large anglo, with an accordian type sound, but no doubt others will elucidate. (edited to add: often referred to as a concertina, but not by concertina players).

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