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  1. Hello, Concertina Connection Jack has been sold. Looks like I'm a banjo player after all. Thanks! Scott
  2. Badger

    Jack for sale

    Hello Scott, Any pictures per chance, with some info of it? Best Wishes, Patrick - send me a PM if you want, or set the pictures up in this forum. I don't have any pictures of my unit, but it is the standard Jack from Concertina Connection. Bought new from Button Box just under a year ago. You can find more info about Jacks/Jackies here: http://www.concertinaconnection.com/jackie-jack.htm Thanks! Scott
  3. Hello, No one bit on my trade offer, so I am putting the Jack up for sale outright. $290 + shipping. Would prefer to ship within the US. Looks like I'm heading to the melodeon side of the tracks. Thanks! Scott
  4. Hi, I have a Jack that I played for a few months and then it sat in the case for a few months. I saw a Cajun band tonight that had a Hohner Ariette in it. I think that is more the sound I was looking for. Would anyone have a Hohner and be interested in a trade? thanks, Scott
  5. I have not posted in a while as I have been busy playing banjo in a new Wisconsin bluegrass band, "The Northern Pikers". We are a very traditional 5-piece bluegrass band. However, I have been continuing to work on my Jack and do pull it out when we play the old Monroe tune, "In the Pines". The other guys in the band are still a little unsure about it, but I like it. In fact, the last time we played it at a gig...as we were finishing up the tune, our bass player says, "Creepy....". I'm still waiting for a copy of that show, but when I get it, I'll try to post a copy.
  6. About this whole three fingers to three buttons chords thing..... I'm working my way thru Martyn's EC for Beginners videos on YouTube (which are wonderful by the way) and just got thru the one the other night on chord structure. He is showing us to use 1 finger for the bottom (or top) two buttons of the triad and 1 for the other. Which at first was next to impossible, but now I'm starting to get the hang of it. Should I be using 3 fingers for 3 buttons? I tried that as well and that seemed even more difficult. Is the two fingers to three buttons approach the accepted way that most people do it for ease of use and speed, but not technically correct? By the way, 12 bar blues on baritone EC....too cool. 'nuff said.
  7. Autumn has first dibs, but if she doesn't take it, I will. It would be great to try out an anglo to go with my Jack as well as to have a reason to take one apart. Let me know please. Thanks! -Scott
  8. That is an interesting thought Pete! Do you know if any of the members here have started doing this? On the BanjoHangout.org, my other instrument page, they have devoted an entire section to this very thought. Some of the professional instructors have even started providing "virtual lessons" for a fee. I haven't done it but it for people who don't have instructors in their area, it is a big hit. Scott
  9. Thanks Leo! Pretty cool, but I struck out again. Closest is Peoria, IL...
  10. Hi, Is there any way to do this? I checked the "more options" under Member Search, but didn't find anything. This would be extremely helpful in finding like-minded individuals within your area. I'm hoping to find someone who has played for a while that could provide some mentoring. Thanks! Scott
  11. First thoughts: 1. I can't believe how small and light it is. Guess I was expecting something with a bit more heft, but I've never held a concertina before so that was just in my own mind. 2. I have pretty long fingers and the button board seems awfully small with my thumbs and pinkies in the straps and fingerrests. This will take some getting used to. 3. I found it curious that the make & model placards on each side were only paper and not covered by some kind of plastic. I could see those getting ripped or damaged somehow. I may come up with my own plastic covers for those for piece of mind. 4. It appears to me that some of the screws that hold the sides on are kind of stripped out, yet others look brand new. Hopefully that won't be an issue. I don't plan on taking it apart much (other than the placard idea). 5. I love the sound and how easy it is to get it to make a really clean sound. Also, how it can be played pretty quietly or raucously as the mood strikes. I was concerned it would be "really loud - all the time". 6. I love that I never have to tune it or change its strings. 7. Its a very pretty instrument for a beginner model. I am thrilled with the purchase. Thanks Button Box ! 8. The Tutor that comes with it starts at the very beginning. Thanks, I needed that. Practice begins in earnest this weekend !!! Scott
  12. Thanks much Pete! I get it now. I was orginally envisioning something being wrapped around the bellows, sort of like a rubber sleeve. How that would quiet the thing down...I don't know...but somehow that is what I got into my head. Do you know if anybody is making and marketing these? Something pre-cut I could just slip in the ends and be done with it? I'm learning pretty quickly that the concertina world is even smaller than the banjo world.... Thanks! Scott
  13. You bring up a very interesting point Mr. m3838! I'm mostly interested in learning American folk songs on the concertina. I don't really know very many English Folk songs. It seems the majority of the books (tutors) that are folk-based are English folk-based. I realize that is because this is a very English instrument, just as my current instrument, banjo, is a very American instrument. When it comes down to it, I would like to be able to play the same songs on the concertina that I currently play on the banjo. So I think what I really need to do is concentrate on learning the keyboard and then start plinking my way thru the songs I all ready know. Anybody else approached learning the concertina from this angle? Thanks! Scott
  14. Hey Leo, I'm as newbie as they come on concertina. Never even picked one up. I play bluegrass banjo and was looking to add a new sound to our jam sessions. I have seen probably the first 5 of Martyn's Youtube series. Thanks! Scott
  15. Hi Gang, Looking to purchase a good "beginner's book" for English as I am ordering my Jack next week. (Yeah!!!) I downloaded the Butler book but thought I might also purchase a new hardcopy book at the same time. I've been looking here: Button Box English Book link Any recommendations? Thanks again from a newbie! Scott
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