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  1. Hello everybody, in the Wheatstone ledgers my concertina has the word "(Valve)" written in brackets. My concertina has 92 valves. What does it mean? Here is the page: http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD02/PAGES/D2P0410L.HTM I have a 46key Maccann, serial number 30754. Thank you. Stefan
  2. A beautifully simple idea to count the Wheatstone ledgers, Geoff. Very interesting. So the 58key and the 67key are the most popular. I wonder why there is a gap in the 62keys.
  3. I called them and someone of the staff checked, if it had a low-c on the right side. It didn´t. Still the price seems ok. But to me it doesn´t make much sense. I´m quite happy with my 46 keys, I played it for two and a half years now and it served me well. still I´d like to have these extra notes. I fancy, that with a good 57 keys, I don´t need another one. But well... two and a half years ago, I could not possibly imagine that I would be willing to pay so much money for a concertina...
  4. It really looks nice. But the price not so. Isn´t that a little high?
  5. Thanks again for the information. I weighed my 46 keys metal ended one, it has a little over 1400 grams. I guess I have to be patient to find a 57 keys. The baritone from austalia has been sold. Has anyone of you ever played or heard about another baritone? I guess they are extremely rare.
  6. Thank you Ivan for the valuable information. Do you know if 62 keys concertinas are much bigger than the 57 ones? I play standing up most of the time and want to keep the instrument light. Right now I have a Wheatstone 46 keys.
  7. Hello everybody, I´m looking for a 57 keys MacCann duet or a 55 keys where the right hand side goes down to C. If that exists. It should be a good player, possibly an Edeophone or an Aeola. I´m also interested in a Baritone, though I know they are very hard to find. Thank you very much Stefan
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