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  1. Not quite the Wirral, but there's a concertina group meets in Chorley monthly (see here ) and many of the people invovled in this are visible at sessions in the north west ... there's a monthly english session in Standish (mentioned at the above web site), I get to one near St. Helens (every thursday) every few weeks .. that's a bit unsettled and in the process of moving, since the pub just closed (it wasn't our fault - honest) so email me if you're interested and I'll let you know it's whereabouts! Chris Thanks Chris Yes I've heard about the Chorley group, it'isn't a million mile
  2. I bought a Jackie about a year ago and love the instrument. I have played guitars, mandolas, mandolins for years, by ear. I would love to meet other players for tea , beer, wine or scotch for advise and ideas. If there is a group in my area please let me know. If enough of you get in touch then we may be able to start one. Being new to the forum are we OK to pass on personal details or arrange meting points?
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