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  1. Hello, does anyone have the music notation or chords for the traditional song Yarmouth Town, I've searched all the regular sites, but only the words seem available. Many thanks keith
  2. Not quite the Wirral, but there's a concertina group meets in Chorley monthly (see here ) and many of the people invovled in this are visible at sessions in the north west ... there's a monthly english session in Standish (mentioned at the above web site), I get to one near St. Helens (every thursday) every few weeks .. that's a bit unsettled and in the process of moving, since the pub just closed (it wasn't our fault - honest) so email me if you're interested and I'll let you know it's whereabouts! Chris Thanks Chris Yes I've heard about the Chorley group, it'isn't a million miles away, but just a bit to far to go on a regular basis, which is why I thought I'd see if there was any one more local to me to start a similar thing. Thanks again keith
  3. Hi Keith, Welcome to the Forum! Depending on how far you are prepared to "cast the net", you might be able to catch up with Ian Goodier, who was a excellent player of the English when last I saw him some years back. From memory, he was living in the Chester area; just "down the road" from you. Whilst Ian is a Forum member, I've just checked; he has not logged in since late last year. You could, however, message him. On this Forum, he goes by the name of "Aeolian" (see "Members" - top right corner of screen, if you have not already found it!). Regards, Peter.
  4. Hello I've been trying to play the English Concertina for a couple of years, and although I'm quite active on local folk scene (floorspots), playing guitar or occassionly concertina, I've found fellow concertina players are very thin on the ground, in fact none really. So if there is any other English/Anglo or even Duet players in the Wirral area who fancy getting together to exchange tunes etc, or just talk concertinas please lets know, and maybe we could organise a workshop or group. Thanks Keith
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