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  1. That's exactly it. Also now I've learnt to play on RH I struggle to re-adjust my brain to cope with starting on LH at the drop of a hat.
  2. ....told you it was hard...now you see this is why I end up picking up the melodeon instead of concertina on 95% of occasions.
  3. It would be an exceedingly long,if not endless list. whats your 'top ten' of that 'endless list' then?
  4. I know I haven't posted for ages on here sensibly. But here it goes a serious question. Can you list the tunes that are most suited to playing on a C/G anglo concertina if you play keeping melody on the right hand? Looking for ones that sit comfortably and don't end up going too far towards dog whistle end of the spectrum. lol!
  5. Ralphie, you just made me spit my drink over the keyboard in laughter.
  6. Help! I recorded some tunes from session on my mobile phone and its been saved as an 'amr' file. How do I convert to mp3 so I can stick it on my I-pod? (and to keep it on topic there were some concertina's playing.)
  7. For all you tuning discussers....."out of tune" http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00tqlg9 I think the point's supposed to be what's in tune to one person is out of tune to another. But I don't understand the technical terms...but I think I get the gist.
  8. Thanks for that. ....now should I add it to the list as untitled polka, untitled sussex polka or william aylmore polka?
  9. Nope. I'm not a musician in my opinion. Until I can read music and play by ear properly (not cheating and writing down button numbers) and someone wants to voluntarily sit and listen to me play than I'll be a musician. but at the moment I'm just making a racket.
  10. Well I've got a Tedrow standard, and most people I've let have a go on it have had positive comments.
  11. so far I've been told: EATMT TMD - Scan Tester's Country Stepdance http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28348 EATMT TMD - Redwing http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28350 EATMT TMD - Percy Brown's Schottische http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28351 EATMT TMD - ?/Trip to Stowmarket http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28352 EATMT TMD - Shipdham Hornpipe http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28353 EATMT TMD - ?/Sustead Schottische http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28354 EATMT TMD - The Blooming Meadows/Paddy Carey's/Morgan Rattler/ Sally Sloane's Barndance http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28355 Errors, Amendments and suggestions on tune titles welcome
  12. Wow! That's a lot of teachers...better behave myself...don't want to be sent to detention for bad behavior.
  13. Were you dissing Rose again? Nope apparently I wrote 'Susan' in too cliched a manner...but that was my intention it was supposed to be a pastiche/parody...and the other person didn't understand this, then when I explained she wouldn't back down and I wouldn't change it. (I've checked back since and its 'mysteriously disappeared' so someone got their way.)
  14. I've seen that happen too. When I first had my fan fiction critiqued I 'fought back' then was 'pm'd' and told that wasn't the ettiquette. lol! (On one fan fic place who shall remain nameless I got my account 'blacklisted'* (at least I think that was what was happened as every time since I try to submit a peice it gets 'denied') coz I argued with the mod about her comments on my characterisation of her fave DW character). Since then if I'm given critique in anything I smile politely, nod then [if I don't agree] go away and do what I want. *yes I know you would never have guessed I was such a rebel...but I was a stroppy teenager at the time, and thus always right.
  15. So on Saturday wend to EATMT Traditional music day in stowmarket. Had a lovely time. And I attempted to play 5 notes on the concertina in the C session at least before I decided it might be better to just 'listen'. lol! Photo's (click to view 'slideshow' of pics) Some videos Some audios I recorded from the day can anyone tell me the tune names? TMD1 http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28348 TMD2 http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28350 TMD 3 http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28351 TMD 4 http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28352 TMD5 http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28353 TMD 6 http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28354 TMD 7 http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=28355
  16. Don't give up. I know there were some people there who probably would have been pleased at being 'helped' with the concertina.
  17. Hi LDT Never too late. They're always welcome. Do you have any more of "that unnamed guy"? He's pretty cool Thanks Leo That's Alan playing my Tedrow Concertina at EATMT Traditional Music Day.
  18. a bit late but here's a vid fresh from today
  19. a friend from another forum (can't remember if she's a member here) playing the concertina at 1.32 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p009k2jv/Genevieve_Tudors_Sunday_Folk_Dropping_in_on_Shrewsbury_Folk_Festival/
  20. Fay Hield sings Mad Family Don't know if its been posted before but it features a concertina.
  21. LDT

    Clicking fingers

    I've been told that if you commit some heinous crime, it will earn you a trip to a place which is much warmer. Australia?
  22. LDT

    Clicking fingers

    I think I'm gonna have to move somewhere warmer...whenever its gets chilly my wrist/fingers start 'clicking'. And I have been keeping my nails fairly short.
  23. I've just had a go at writing a waltz and now I've got an awful feeling I've just been channeling another tune.
  24. Having heard some of the tracks early on. I would recommend it. My top four fave tracks on the album: Yrsno The obvious jig Hopscotch Vipschottis Yrsno in particular will get stuck in your head....well it had me humming it in my mind. lol!
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