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  1. Hey guys, could anybody give me the names of a few teachers in Dublin please? Thanks
  2. Hi, That free Simon Wells tutorial appears to have been taken down,would anyone who already downloaded be willing to send me it via e-mail.? Thanks!
  3. 650pounds seems very cheap for a concertina like this? Is that a normal price to pay?? I have 2000euro to spend, what is the best lachenal I could get for this price??
  4. Hi, Have a chance of meeting Chris Algar this weekend and he has suggested a 26 key rosewood Lachenal,for 2000pound.Do you think this is a reasonable price?The 26 key models look really bare as if there are keys missing what am I losing out on with them if anything and what would be the next Lachenal up. Thanks Jack
  5. Hi Frank,if you dont mind me asking what is the difference between a performers model and a proffessional model?thanks
  6. Does anyone know how much a new Norman might cost??Thanks
  7. Couldnt understand the difference.Is it just the materials that change??
  8. My daughter(10) has been playing the concertina for the past three years now, and has reached a good standard of playing.She has been using a Stagi,but is frustrated by the the way it is holding her back.While her friends are pushing ahead with better instruments. Which of thease do you think are the best instrument.Pick your number 1,2 and3.Thanks a million. Clover-Wim Wakker Marcus standard model Harry Geuns basic concertina A Herrington concertina A Edgely performers model A Tedrow standard concertina Morse(button box) céilí model
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