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  1. I'm pleased you liked it and want to learn it. I'm a little annoyed youtube is picking on me again..logged on to find this message. </h2> I thought it was a trad song/tune? Thing is its only on my video where its audio only...where I play it 'live' in video no problem. Which is why I think its the software being stupid.
  2. For those having trouble with the sound host (thinking of swapping to soundcloud) here I made a file I could upload to youtube. btw. the pics are just so I can make it into a 'movie' you can ignore them. they were taken at Brightlingsea for anyone interested.
  3. Thank you all for your nice comments. Phew! Was worried I'd messed it up there. @Dirge. I think my hesitancy is my trouble with 'air management' I tend to get quiet as I run out of air. lol!
  4. All comments welcome. Not sure if lack of response is coz its so terrible, or just mediocre and not worth comment?
  5. I'm really pleased with how this came out. I know I didn't do all the verses....but I'm not singing it. lol! The soundeffects were added on to reflect the words. Maid in Bedlam http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=59707 Abroad as I was walking, one evening in the spring, I heard a maid in Bedlam so sweetly for to sing; Her chains she rattled with her hands, and thus replied she: "I love my love, because I know my love loves me!" Oh! my cruel parents have been too unkind! They've drove and banished me, and tortured my mind! Although I'm ruined for his sake, contented will I be; I love my love, because I know my love loves me. Could I become a swallow, I'd ascend up in the air; Then, if I lost my labour, and shouldn't find him there, I quickly would become a fish, and search the flowing sea; I love my love, because I know my love loves me. With straw I'll make a garland, and dress it very fine, I'll mix the same with roses, lily, pink, and thyme, I will preserve it for my love when he returns from sea; I love my love, became I know my love loves me. Just as she was sat weeping, her love came on the land, Hearing she was in Bedlam, he ran straight out of hand, And, as he entered in the gates he heard her sigh and say, "I love my love, because I know my love loves me!" He stood and gazed on her, hearing his love complain, He could not stand any longer, he bled in every vein; He flew into her snowy-white arms, and replied he: "I love my love, because I know my love loves me." She said, "My love, don't frighten me; are you my love, or no?" "Oh yes, my dearest Nancy, I am your love, also I am returned to make amends for all your injury; I love my love, because I know my love loves me." So now they are married, and may they happy be, Like turtle-doves together, in love and unity. All pretty maids with patience wait, that have got loves at sea; I love my love, because I know my love loves me.
  6. Whats this one? Tune 12 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=59314 Only one I haven't found title for yet
  7. I have seriously been looking at getting a G/D concertina. I would love a metal ended one. Unfortunately my budget is tight at the moment. So I either buy a 'cheap' one or have to sell/part exchange my Tedrow C/G, or see if anyone will replace the C/G reeds for G/D ones for a reachable price. I'm quite happy with the accordion reeded concertinas. I used to feel like that...just wanted the exact button to use...now I'm more comfortable to experiment and find the best way for me.
  8. Does anyone have a diagram of the button layout of a G/D concertina with the stave underneath with where the notes would go? I've got one for a C/G but can't find one for a G/D.
  9. I haven't recorded a concertina video in ages (had got a bit disheartened with the concertina)...but concertina hour at ECMW kinda prompted my to give it another go. Idbury Hill And as my concertina prefers song tunes Maid in bedlam
  10. There were a couple of tunes played at ECMW I liked and want to learn....recorded them, but have no idea of the names. Can you help me. TUNE 2 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=58699 TUNE 3 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=58700 TUNE 6 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=58311 TUNE 8 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=58701
  11. Thanks to all the organizers for their hard work. And apologies for those who had me serve them at the bar. My maths is atrocious, and I think I ended up with beer down me (I blame the taps for being hard to turn and me being short). I went into it with quite a bit of trepidation, but ended up enjoying myself.
  12. Well you can get an octave violin, and a 5 string violin. And acoustic, and electro-acoustic and an electric. I'd love an electric 5 string myself....
  13. My phone has a panoramic mode...so I can do a 180 degree view all at once in a long strip.
  14. I enjoyed the concertina event in the afternoon. Seeing all those boxes in one place was great to compare them. I now have concertina envy.
  15. It's Essex. You'll need a winkle pin. Well I'm not packing my white stillettos and matching handbag.
  16. See you all there then. Now what to pack...wet weather gear or dry weather gear......
  17. For some reason I keep getting asked for free drinks...? lol You may find me in a quiet corner rocking back and forth muttering to myself...
  18. A question for workshop leaders...if you play one type of concertina, but are doing a workshop including all types...do you feel you can sympathize or understand issues that might arise and offer assistance on other types of concertina you don't play? Because for me there is always a dilemma... for example: if (as an anglo payer) I go to a workshop run by someone who plays english concertina, would I get more out of it if they were an anglo player?
  19. So stay at home playing with only yourself to hear you then....and take a melodeon to sessions? *ducks behind parapet*
  20. again that would be another reason why I can't play with others. I notice you didn't respond to the other parts of David's suggestions; Which is pretty much what I was going to suggest. It seems to me that you have got yourself boxed in by insisting in playing in one particular way and seem unwilling to explore other possibilities. Erm..I didn't reply because I do do that other stuff already. Just can't do it in group situation when I can't hear myself...and I need the dots in front of me. I do wonder that I might feel more comfortable having a D/G concertina rather than C/G.
  21. again that would be another reason why I can't play with others.
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