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  1. you seem to have lost your profile pic?

  2. LDT

    Welcome. Let me know if you need any help navigating the forum.

  3. LDT

    I only need 1000 or so posts to beat your post count ;P

  4. Will you be copying the mohican hairdo for yourself?

  5. the new icon looks quite effective small...I nearly gave the fish glasses... ;)

  6. I like the hat. Groovy.

  7. Square-rigged Ships are cool.

    I know what you mean about libraries and bookshops...I'm terrible with online bookshops as well...keep me away from amazon. lol!

  8. LDT

    are you Andy B from the S&B/BH forum?

  9. LDT

    I recognize that signiture.....are you Betty Slippers from the BH/S&B forum?

  10. Hello its only me Lady D

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