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  1. So I've got a hard case for my concertina but sometimes its a bit awkward to carry around. Anyway I was looking for a bag for my craft stuff and this thing popped up. Craft bag It looks like it might be the right size and shape to carry a concertina with extra pockets etc. For other things. What do you think?
  2. Ooh yes. Its working now. Thank you.
  3. It wasn't showing on my tablet. Until I turned it landscape. Doesn't work at any orientation on my phone. Must be its not formatted for android?
  4. I only managed to sign in by accident and now I can't sign out the forum. There's nothing the header, footer on the edit profile page to say sign out or sign in. Help! I'm not exactly a tech novice. I'm on other forums using the same host software as this one and its got a sign in/out option in the header.
  5. Hello long time hiatus but I tried to work out the theme tune to the BBC Cranford series (binging the box set atm). Its not quite there but its not bad for me and my terrible playing by me. https://youtu.be/oTEeUYlTdpg
  6. Thanks. http://www.mustrad.org.uk/pictures/bal_sng1.htm this does remind me of my jacket skirt combo http://stitchintimeandspace.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/doctor-who-outfit-fitting-jacket-part-2.html
  7. I get psoriasis on back of my neck/hairline (I know different area sam kinda problem). I find that washing with cold tar soap helps as soap seems ot dry out my skin usually. I have tried different creams but not found them practical nor very effective. The best results I've had are from oils. I've just recently purchased one from bodyshop that I'm going to try. Its supposed to be for making your face skin soft...so will let oyu know if its any good.
  8. Okay so your gonna think this rather random. But could someone point me to images of some edwardian people with concertinas? Why? you might ask (especially when I've been so quiet lately). Well I have this cunning plan...involving a concertina, busking and dressing in costume. I've rather got into sewing particually of the historical kind lately. As you can see I have started with the blouse.
  9. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. Met him at ecmw and he seemed a genrous person. I do have 2 photo's from that weekend with him in. Didn't realise that was his name.
  10. well this thread lasted pretty long before drifting I call mine a squeezebox...people find it hard enough to comprehend melodeons and concertinas have different names let alone blowing thier minds with concept that there are severall different kinds of concertina.
  11. The use of the chords on the first one works very well. I have been stuck in oom-pah mode for a while., so I never thought doing it this way. On the second one, I like the way the chords come in as it progresses. Thank you. Glad you like it and its given you ideas.
  12. Aww, thanks for the nice complement. I'm glad someone like my playing.
  13. I don't really play Irish music its never really appealed to me...I like some of the Irish tunes just prefer to play them in an english sounding 'style'*....but then I couldn't say I play mainly English Trad on the concertina coz the concertina I play anything that takes my fancy on. Usually songs TBH. Anything from pop to hymns to music hall to jazz (well I tried that once. lol) even gave a few tv themes a go. I play what I like and I like what I play. * disclaimer: I refuse to argue over what is or isn't Irish/english style or tunes so take that as you will.
  14. I was searching on pinterest for some fashion inspirations for a 50's outfit and what should I stumble on but a image of a concertina http://pinterest.com/pin/73605775131276534/ although she is holding it the wrong wat round as the air button is not where it should be. lol
  15. Well here are that last videos I did of my playing (in what I call) octaves. really need to do an update.
  16. I was at ECMW when he did a talk on it. I was the only one who could do octaves who didn't say I'd studied scan tester or players from the past. lol!
  17. I don't play for others to enjoy hearing if I did I'd have given up years ago. Coz I must have different ears to everyone else. What I like everyone else hates and what I hate everyone else likes. This is another reason I don't play in public. I like what I play. Melodeon yep I'll play that in front of others but concertina....nah! That's just for me.
  18. I play in octaves precisely because I can't make my own chords coz I'm too dumb (no matter how many times its explained) to do them. And when people talk 3rds, 5ths and 6ths I just glaze over. If I want chords I'll use the ready made ones on the melodeon. I don't think I play this note on the right so I play this one on the left because its mathmatically correct. I go I press this button on the right so I'll jab buttons on same row on the left and pick one that sounds nice.
  19. I think of it like writing your name backwards in a mirror. So the left hand reflects the righthand. I like to play in C mainly and also G. But its just finding tunes that don't go up to and beyond the high A on the right hand. Or so low that I have to drop onto the left hand.
  20. I've had a break from the concertina, but now am getting back to it (I was stolen away by the melodeon. lol). I've always found it awkward to play the concertina with other people as I find myself playing completely different tunes to everyone else. And what I find hard others find easy and vice versa. So does anyone else here play in octaves? What instrument (key etc.) do you play? What tunes do you find easy and what do you find hard? I have a C/G anglo.
  21. I'm doing 2 *mumbles* melodeon *mumbles* workshops.
  22. its real shame is it was my 'go to' place for ABC conversion. btw. yep I've been away for a while from cnet, but I'm back. lol Um, the Convert-o-Matic is still there, you know. And welcome back. =) Thanks. 'spam in the tune-o-tron' would be a great title for a tune. lol
  23. Anyone else going to M&M this year? http://www.eatmt.org.uk/m&m.htm Looking forward to it as usual.
  24. ooh I like the new format/layout. Much easier to navigate.
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