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  1. Really really excellemt! Can I get the music too? swiftntrue@juno.com ??
  2. Thanks for sharing that I always need something new to learn.Any chance you have something to help me with counterpoint?? I'd so appreciate some help there. There's so little to work with in the books i have. geoff
  3. I think you'd be just fine with the 48 key book as long as you figured out where the right buttons were and ignored the ones you didn't have, so to speak.Good luck Geoff
  4. It just occurred to me that you might be keeping your little finger in the finger plate. Don't be too attached to that plate, some times it will slow you down. I think you're still helping Paige,you're showing her a better way!! good luck,Geoff truelove.
  5. I first played by ear exclusively so only tunes I already knew were available. Later I had players asking me for the music to play along with me.my trick for a new tune is to play it over and over 'til I can whistle it,(I work alone it helps) and then go bar by bar through until I've got it all.Family members can get really irritated though.
  6. You guys are so right.Playing reckless fast just ruins things for me and besides don't you occasionally get people dancing,poor things could pull a muscle.
  7. Thanks so much! It seems to have a different approach from the Wheatstone and the Butler books I already have. Geoff Truelove
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