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  1. However, it has to be said, you don't play the piano with alternate hands up the scale - touché!
  2. Many of those being familiar with an "Ebony and Ivory" keybord (or some sheet music) might feel and judge much different: you get black and white keys, lines and spaces, thirds and fiths... I know, I was going to say that! But could you possibly imagine playing the piano and harmonica at the same time? Yikes!
  3. Thanks Jim. an interesting thread, quite tongue in cheek, though.
  4. Thanks for that. I was wondering about the original Titebond, which I use all the time for furniture.
  5. Hi Nisse. If you instinctively feel good with the Harmonica, you should be able to play an Anglo almost straight out of the box, it's practically the same instrument However, I found the English, which I bought to try an accompany my fiddle playing partner, is a complete nightmare from hell! If I was told to sit down with a paper and pencil and design an instrument which is the least intuitive, most awkward and difficult to understand layout, then an English Concertina is what I'd come up with! That's only my opinion though Andy.
  6. The 'Western Gazette' of 24 November suggests that the Laurences Auctioneers 'Jeffries' bidding reached £4,060 ....'from collectors'. Hope the purchaser was more than a mere collector ! Was that an intentional pun Rod? I live in Mere, Wiltshire, so I suppose I'm a "mere collector". Incidentally, we often finish a meal with a Mere Trifle!
  7. Hi there. Why use the old gussets. You can get pneumatic leather quite cheaply. Wouldn't it save you lots of work and make a better job to use the old one as a pattern and cut new ones? Andy
  8. Hi Nisse. I have been restoring instruments for a little while now. I have by no means got as much experience with reeds as Chris but I have been a woodworker and cabinet maker for 25 years. I would be happy to talk about a refurb of an eBay box. The problem, as with any historic item is how much to conserve and how much to restore. Do you preserve the patina or do you make it look like new? Only the owner can decide. Andy.
  9. I have found that when you're cutting thin strips of leather, especially thin and soft stuff, it's a whole lot easier to use a rotary cutter than a craft knife. Also much easier to get straight lines than scissors. Andy
  10. Helle all. I'm just embarking on making my first instrument, a 3 row anglo. I've nearly finished the bellows (I figured I'd start with one of the hard bits first). I have been using hide glue, with all its accompanying smells and difficulties. I've now started thinking, my wife's vegetarian, my daughter's vegetarian, I'm hovering on the brink of being vegetarian, my workshop's in the house and this stuff stinks! Does anyone know of any serious, sophisticated 21st century adhesives that would do the job (I don't mean PVA!) Are Aliphatics too rigid? Does Cascamite, which is an extremely brittle glue, like hide glue, behave in the same way? What about modified polymers? Any ideas? I'm starting to see the faces of the terrified animals as they file into the abbatoir! Thanks Andy.
  11. Hi Lep. Did you ever get your bellows done? I'm just about to start on a set for the first time and was thinking of using 0.4mm leather. What was your experience with needing extra skiving? I don't have any skiving tools or experience as yet!


    Andy (UK)

  12. You're right Alex, I did my sums wrong. I'm sure there were many bidders from far afield interested in it. You're also right about the attic, I'm not holding my breath! Cheers Andy
  13. Hello all. I have recently tried to go for 2 Jeffries anglos locally. The first was in Lawrences Auctioneers in Crewkerne, Somerset. Guide price £500-£700. I know that was a silly estimate but the bidding started at £2,100 and, within 15 seconds sold for £3,400. With the commission and VAT that's £4,746. Last week there was another in Charterhouse in Sherborne that sold for £4,200. With commission that's nearly 6 grand! As far as I could see from the picture, they both needed work. Who's buying them at these prices? I've given up any idea of ever getting a Jeffries now, short of finding one in a charity shop for £100! I guess we have the power of the internet to thank, which means everything finds its own level. Any thoughts?
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