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  1. Thanks Stephen, From just glossing over the dots it seems that's close to the tune we played.
  2. I did record most of the concert. I would have the whole thing but it seem someone turned off my recorder for me I only realized after Ken Sweeny sung his mermaid song. Now I don't have that wonderful rendition. Here are some of the concert photos I have, in performance order.
  3. I tried the nwc format but they don't make the software for a mac
  4. Great photos! I'll try to post my pictures of all the acts at the concert somewhere and let you know when they are presentable. I think I got everyone who performed (except me of course!) but I didn't manage to get the list of all the names so with your help I hope we can match names to faces.
  5. On Sunday morning at the North-East Squeeze-In we played a tune called the Concertina Hornpipe - a great tune. I was warned it was hard to find the dots and on the ABC tunefinder there was no joy. At thesession.org I found a tune with the same title but different melody. If anyone knows of tunes called the concertina hornpipe I'd be greatful.
  6. Here you go. This is a much better picture taken by Jim's camera.
  7. Jim, If you like I can put your picture through the same squeeze as mine. You could email it to me at robin.beech@mcgill.ca. I think my inbox is big enough for several megabytes. I use graphic converter on a mac. I used the size option to shrink the overall dimensions until the final file was small enough.
  8. The group picture was one of three that I had and this photo was the best of those. I know bellewbelle and Jim Besser have photos and I hope they have the smiling ones.
  9. I've just come back from the North-East Squeeze-In where I was camping out under a tree. I did get quite soggy but on the whole we all had a great time.
  10. Alan, just found that you had sent me Limey Pete already - I'll work on the abc.
  11. Alan, I have to confess it was me who started the Chocolate Rabbit at the squeeze-in Animaterra had said we should play it some time and on the Sunday morning just before everyone was leaving I realized we hadn't. I don't think I've heard Limey Pete yet but if you email me an mp3 I can post the abc again for you.
  12. C.netters Group photo from the Squeeze-In. We're all having a great time here. Everyone say "Accordion" From left to right Front row: Michael Reed, lildogturpy, bellowbelle, Animaterra, Dave Barnert Second row: Ken Coles, Jim Besser, Richard Morse, Perry Werner, Jay Lamsa Third row: Kurt Braun, Doug Barr, Picture right at the back: Doug , Bruce Boysen, Sean Minnie
  13. Well - I made it here. I'm sitting on a couch in Bucksteep Manor surrounded by the sounds of accordion, concertina and chatter. We just finished supper - here's a photo of Dave Barnert going for desert!
  14. On a trip over to the UK this summer the Canadian Security screen at the airport asked what I had in the box - a small musical instrument, a concertina I replied. It then went through the X-ray machine and they asked me what it was again. Finally they swabbed the outside of the box for drugs/explosives I guess and then let me through. In the UK all they said was - is it an anglo or an english?
  15. Just to whine a bit here ... <gripe>At thesession.org the tools for adding abc tunes to the database severely restrict what information can be included. For example you can not add the composers details, you can't put in a tune type (jig, reel etc) if it is not already on the list, you can't choose the time signature - you have to choose that by tune type. This means in order to get a 2/4 schottische in you have to enter it as a polka! This may not be such a big deal for thesession.org users (myself included) since comments can be added, though not at part of the abc file. Unfortunately, JC's tune finder scans thesession.org database and so the tunes also end up distributed around the internet in their pecular formatting. I tried convincing people there to have tune submissions follow the system used on this site but I don't think there is the motivation to change anything there.</gripe> As for listening to abc tunes, I find the tune-o-tron here really useful. You can just paste in the abc and print out the music, or listen to the midi file directly.
  16. Alan, I'm going for the first time so I can't really tell you what it's like yet. There are links to past reviews here: http://www.buttonbox.com/s-i.html
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