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    Traditional folk and classical music on mandolin and guitar. I will be relearning the concertina after being away from it for many years. I also love gardening, both vegetable and flower gardening. I am an Orthodox Christian.
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    Albuquerque, New Mexico

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  1. Thanks for that lead. I guess the chords are pretty straight forward. I will work on the harmony soon. Thanks, again.
  2. I have the standard notation for Josephine's Waltz in "G". I am wondering if anyone has the chords or knows a site that would list them, so that I can harmonize the melody. Thanks.
  3. What is your price range? I made the transition from mandolin to concertina without too much heartache. If your budget is around the $300 range, I would suggest a Jackie or Jack. I bought my Jackie from Ebay and feel like it has a very nice sound for the price. It's not a Wheatstone, but it was what I could afford. The more experienced players in this forum will probably have more sound advice and some other questions, like what kind of music do you want to play and others.
  4. I was just listening to some clips from a CD that has O'Carolan tunes being played on mandolin and guitar, with some other instruments included. I got to wondering if there are any CDs of O'Carolan's music on concertina with other instruments as well? His music is so beautiful to me, that I think it would be a fabulous CD with concertina. Are there any out there?
  5. Just this morning I was humming what I remember of her version of "The Patriot's Game" which I think also had some concertina on it. Does anyone else remember that song, and did it have concertina?
  6. That's great, thank you! Now this is a non-concertina question. Has anyone found a web site that will automatically transpose music you input from one key to another? So that if I wanted to play this song in G instead of E, I could cut and paste it into a converter, hit a button for the Key of G and voila!
  7. I was just remembering Pentangle's version of Lord Franklin and was wondering if anyone has the sheet music? I have found the lyrics and, if pressed I could sound out the melody, but I would be very grateful if anyone could perhaps attach it to an email? Thank you.
  8. I'm sorry; I didn't make my question clear. What I meant was, where on this web site can I easily access these tools, so that I don't have to look for the specific post where folks have been kind enough to add the link? The download question was really so that I could have an icon on my desktop, if possible, for easy access.
  9. Where do I access these tools? Can I download them on my PC for future use?
  10. I thank all of you for those great sites. I didn't realize how difficult it appears to be to get the words together with the music, as in sheet music. I might just have to wait till payday and buy a good book. Any suggestions of where to buy books that would have both words and music together?
  11. Thank you Tall Ship for that fantastic site. Now I can get started. I will see if the sites Jake listed have the same songs, so that after I learn the tunes, I can perhaps sing the words. This will certainly keep me busy for the summer. Thanks, again.
  12. Jake, those are wonderful collections of sea chanteys. I haven't heard them, and so I'm hoping to find a site that also has the standard notation music, so I can sight read and learn the tunes. Anyone have a site like that?
  13. I was wondering if anyone had a good website for sea chanteys? I would like one with words and music(standard notation) and maybe tunes other than the bawdy ones, if they exist? Thanks.
  14. As the Jackie player that began this post, I would be most grateful for any simple thing I could do to get the notes to stop sticking. I am being held back in my playing by the notes not sounding, and really want to stay with the concertina, as I love the sound. So, PLEASE post your experience!!!!! Thank you so much.
  15. I'm hoping that more playing will help the instrument respond better. I am a public school teacher in the States who will have my summer free to garden and play more music. Actually I have 4 more hours left till I'm off, but who's counting. Should I focus on notes first and then the push/pull of the bellows?
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